After releasing its logo recognition platform in 2017, martech firm Brandwatch is showing off its capabilities, releasing a comprehensive report of brand visibility in social media in 2018. The biggest winner? Adidas.

According to Brandwatch’s “2018 Brand Visibility Report,” Adidas’ logo has appeared in 6.6 million Instagram and Twitter posts per between December 2017 and April 2018.

“To put that into context, that’s 154 new images every minute, or three new images every second,” the report reads.

The sportswear brand far and away leads its competition, with Nike, in second place, appearing in “just” 5.1 million posts per month, and bronze-medalist Google in a paltry 3.9 million posts.

Brandwatch’s findings found that tracking social media visibility can often be difficult for brands, especially when considering image spread.

“Every image included in this report contained a brand’s logo, but hardly any included a mention of the brand in the Tweet or post,” the report reads. “On average, only 20 percent of images contain written references.”

By breaking down its results by company revenue, Brandwatch reveals a handful of brands punching above their weight, earning broad social reach without the monolithic advertising budgets of Coca-Cola or McDonalds.

“Puma, Under Armor, BBC, Vans and Louis Vuitton, come out favorably, generating high volumes of images online despite relatively small revenues,” the report reads.

Brandwatch credits a variety of reasons for these underdog successes, such as BBC’s tendency to watermark all its content, Vans’ targeting of image-interested growing markets and Louis Vuitton’s focus on high-profile influencer strategy. For sports-sponsoring brands like Puma, small choices like placing its logo on jersey sleeves can lead to greatly improved brand visibility.

Athletic apparel brands like Puma and Adidas naturally have a leg up on social visibility. According to Brandwatch’s research, sports apparel logos appeared, on average, in three times as many images as the next-most-popular category, technology.

“Imagery changes dramatically based on the industry a brand is in,” the report reads.

Social visibility drops off precipitously from there, with sports apparel’s 3 million images per month average dropping to 1 million for technology, 800 thousand for entertainment and just 410 thousand for retail.

To compile its report, Brandwatch tracked 300 separate logos curated from the Fortune 500 and Interbrand’s Best Global brands, and over 100 million images posted on Instagram and Twitter between December 1, 2017, and April 1, 2018.