The Esports League (ESL) announced a partnership with Dell’s Alienware brand that will include onsite competitions and a social media push across Twitter and Facebook.

Beginning with ESL One Birmingham on May 24, Alienware will serve as the official OEM/PC and monitor partner of the global circuit for all of 2018. During that time, fans attending in person will be invited to take part in an onsite activation called Alienware Presents: You vs. Pro.

To participate in the branded event, fans attending ESL tournaments can take a picture of themselves at the Alienware booth and post it to ESL’s Twitter account using the hashtag #alienwareyouvspro. Five winners will be invited backstage, where they will each go head-to-head against a professional esports player.

All participants walk away with an Alienware keyboard and gaming mouse, with the best player taking home a 25” monitor as well. If the selected fan beats the pro gamer, however, they will be awarded additional ESL and Alienware merchandise.

“Because this is a year-long global partnership and we will host You vs. Pro at every ESL One event in 2018, the specific details will most likely change each time,” Paul Brewer, senior vice president of partnerships at ESL told AListDaily. “However, the #alienwareyouvspro hashtag on Twitter will be used for the activation throughout the course of the year.”

Additional pressure—or thrills, depending on the person—will be given to participants by streaming each You vs. Pro event on Facebook Live.

“We wanted to keep consistent and make it easy for our viewers to stay engaged in the scheduled competition of ESL One, but also be able to access You vs. Pro content conveniently on the same platform,” explained Brewer.

Thanks to a deal announced in January, all English language ESL One streams and ESL CS:GO Pro League have become exclusive to Facebook. Previously, fans could watch the streams on multiple channels including Twitch and YouTube.

Fans were not too thrilled at being forced to watch the tournaments on Facebook, but some DotA 2 players have taken to stream on Twitch. The game’s publisher, Valve, allows matches to be streamed on Twitch so long as they are done so without sponsors or using any assets from the official ESL One stream.

ESL may not be streaming on Twitter anymore, but Alienware Presents: You vs. Pro will give the brand an opportunity to keep the conversation going on some level.