Samsung will debut a new ad called “Made It” during the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards that celebrates the achievements of its spokeswoman, Emmy-nominated actress Issa Rae.

The ad highlights Samsung’s products during the creative process while subtly promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

“Made It” follows Rae’s seven-year journey from uploading her first episode of Awkward Black Girl on YouTube to watching it go viral, signing her first contract, appearing on magazine covers and onto the set of her hit HBO series Insecure. The spot features every moment of the journey being aided by technology, i.e. Rae’s Samsung phone, ending with a Galaxy Note9.

“Issa is proof that with the right technology in hand, brilliant minds are forces to be reckoned with,” said Jesse Coulter, chief creative officer for Samsung Electronics America.

Rae, along with other creators including Taiki Waititi, starred in a March spot called “Make It Yours.” This new ad, Samsung explained, is a spiritual successor.

Samsung says its goal is not only to celebrate Rae’s Emmy nomination but to “inspire makers at large.”

The technology brand references a “Do What You Can’t” spirit, encouraging creators to get out there and try regardless of the consequences, saying “make it until you make it.”

A behind-the-scenes look at the new spot appeared on Samsung’s website and the video itself debuted on YouTube Monday morning. Within its first few hours, “Made It” had been viewed over 11,000 times.

Samsung reported a drop in profits for the second quarter, citing slow sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9. To combat a “challenging” second half of the year, the company said it would respond through the early introduction of the Galaxy Note and competitive mid- and low-end models with new features.

While the “Made It” spot highlights the benefits of technology for creative consumers, Samsung may experience even more challenges in the years to come. The company is being sued for a Note9 that allegedly exploded in a woman’s purse, resurrecting the PR nightmare of exploding Note7 units.