Even before Facebook had relaunched the ad platform Atlas, giving advertisers the ability to reach consumers across the web utilizing Facebook’s data for targeting, Facebook’s ad growth wasn’t slowing down. On the contrary, it was expected by analysts to grow by 60 percent over last year’s to reach $3.1 billion.

How did this happen so fast Facebook users are increasingly mobile. According to MediaPost, Facebook’s desktop traffic has been flat while unique visitors on mobile grew by 35 percent. On top of that, Facebook’s click through rates, thanks to their wells of data and targeting, have tripled from .19 percent to .56 percent. In step, the cost-per-click had risen, too, by 30 percent. CPM’s had increased by 80% since the 2nd quarter.

It’s clear that how people are using Facebook is changing and Facebook only stands to benefit in the future. Facebook is still seeing monthly active user growth, gaining new users by 13 percent to a total of 1.34 billion active users globally. It also remains to be seen exactly how Facebook’s in-stream autoplay video ad units will go and how they will continue to monetize Instagram.