Following a line similar to Neill Blomkamp s rise to feature film director, a self-funded Sci-Fi short film has netted Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez a hefty Hollywood deal.  The short, titled Ataque de Pánico! ( Panic Attack! ), is reported to have been produced for $300.  It s netted Alvarez a $30 million film deal from Sam Raimi after the buzz took off once it hit YouTube last month.  It has more than 4 million views as of this post.

The short depicts a mysterious otherworldly attack on Montevideo, Uruguay.  Where it s light on setup, it s heavy on visual effects and mostly watchable because of its solid direction.  Alvarez should have friends to thank at professional animation company Aparato, which is credited for creating the visuals for the short film.  If the reported budget is accurate than they did it for a song, and quite possibly a chance of their own at getting Hollywood work.

Watch it at YouTube.