With Paramount’s new film Interstellar fast approaching, the movie studio is going to great lengths to introduce an innovative new campaign that actually allows users to explore space, similar to what the main characters of the Christopher Nolan film will be doing.

This past weekend, the studio teamed up with Google to launch a new online campaign that allows users to get immersed in space travel, using the Interstellar Space Hub. With it, “space fans” everywhere can use Google Plus, Google Play, YouTube and Google For Education to explore locales from the film using a special space hub. Clicking around an interactive galaxy, players can unlock exclusive content from the film.

The hub also provides the opportunity to pre-purchase tickets for the film, as well as take part in Google Plus Hangouts, where they can contribute to a Time Capsule Project. With that, Nolan, who directed Interstellar, will curate said content for a short film.

Google For Education will also play a big part, with both Google and Paramount planning to deliver math and science movie-themed lesson plans for students at thousands of schools across the country.

“It’s like a playground of innovation,” Megan Colligan, president of worldwide distribution and marketing for Paramount, explained. “The partnership with Google gives us the opportunity to do things we’d never do on our own.”

“Google is excited to help our studio partners develop innovative marketing programs that support the lifecycle of their films,” said Brian Irving, Google Play’s global head of marketing, in a statement.

“Having the power of Google behind our efforts to inform the audience and enhance their experience…is an exciting new development in the relationship between filmmakers and audiences,” said Emma Thomas, producer for Interstellar, in a statement.

This marks a brand new involvement for Google with a movie project, which utilizes many sites on the project. Previously, the company had worked with director Guillermo del Toro on Halloween-related content (which should premiere this month), as well as producing special movie-related content from the summer blockbuster Godzilla earlier in the year.

Users can take part in the Interstellar fun now before the movie makes its debut in theaters on November 7.

Source: L.A. Times, Mediapost