In an effort to boost advertising across its services, Google has announced a new option for advertisers to aim at customers that have purchased items through applications.

Run through Google’s mobile ad network, AdMob, companies can target such ads via AdWords to consumers that have made purchases through applications and games offered via the Google Play Store.

This is the latest move for AdWords, following the introduction of a program that would reach out to consumers that purchased a paid application with in-app display options.

“These new settings can help you identify and create a campaign strategy around your most valuable customers,” explained the company.

Companies can explore these targeting options simply by checking the new option that reads “Only show ads to people who purchased an app or made an in-app purchase” under the ad group level in the Interests and Remarketing selection via AdWords.

To utilize this option best, however, Google has offered some practical advice to these companies. “It’s best to use this option in ad groups specifically designed to reach your highest value customers,” the company stated. “While narrowed targeting can help focus your bidding strategy, it can also limit ad impressions. While the volume of customers gained may be lower than you see in other campaigns, you may find the lifetime value (LTV) of these customers to be higher.”

More details have also been provided via a detailed post on the company’s Google Plus page, explaining how it is also available through the AdWords API. Those new to the program can also ask for assistance via the company’s Help Center, both of which are linked through the article.