by Jessica Klein

Following a number of rumors about YouTube’s upcoming subscription music service, we might finally have some concrete information on how the service will function. Based on leaked images of the service published by Android Police, here’s what you should know about the upcoming music service:

It will go by the name YouTube Music Key, prompting Google Play Music All Access to rebrand to Google Play Music Key. There will be a month-long free trial for users, after which they’ll have to shell out $9.99 per month (the same as a monthly subscription to Spotify) to maintain access to music from both YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key. The service will offer ad-free music for users, along with audio-only and offline playback.

youtube music keyyy

Meanwhile, it appears that Google has already bought the rights to domain name The service will include upwards of 20 million tracks, according to the images taken by Android Police, along with plenty of video, such as concert footage, covers, and remixes. This type of content will be somewhat unique to the YouTube service, as the platform already marks a place where covers and music collaborations thrive.

An abundance of these videos, along with concert vids, will separate YouTube Music Key from the likes of iTunes and Spotify. Naturally, YouTube’s “related videos” suggestions will play into the format of the subscription service, as well.

youtube music key google proof

Google has yet to announce the debut of YouTube Music Key. Talk of indie artists no longer being able to feature their music/videos on YouTube may count as a cause of the service’s delayed premiere.

YouTube has already signed deals to include artists from major labels like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Group in its subscription service.


*Images from Android Police.

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