May 15 is National Dinosaur Day, according to Universal Pictures (though National Today disagrees), and to celebrate and promote Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s June 22 release date, the studio released a series of stickers, a video featurette and… an extensive in-universe microsite by a fictional dinosaur rights organization.

Featuring the same sort of mission-statement language common to many real charitable organizations, the Dinosaur Protection Group‘s website extols importance of saving the island’s dinosaurs.

“We brought the dinosaurs back into the world; it’s now our responsibility to protect these magnificent creatures,” the site’s welcome page reads. “Actually, it’s more than a responsibility. It’s a calling. A passion that keeps us going every day. And as we settle into our new office, we promise to keep you updated with all the latest news and information that we’re able to gather. Just as soon as it’s verified.”

In addition to parodic pseudo-ads, the site delves deep into the lore of the upcoming film, with posts detailing history of “dino-ethical misconduct” and monitoring the volatility of the island’s volcano (that erupts in the film). There’s even a poster for a march on Washington scheduled for September 10.

Lastly, the site urges its visitors to “adopt a dino,” letting them select from a list of the film’s animal characters in much the same way one might adopt an endangered animal or stretch of highway. Mercifully, the Jurassic World site skips the “ask for donation” step, going straight to offering the user an adoption certificate to download and share on social media.

For those willing to brag about their altruistic achievements on Twitter or Instagram, Universal is offering the chance to win Dinosaur Protection Group-branded buttons and t-shirts.

As the site states: “For those willing to stand up and speak for the dinosaurs, it’s your turn.”