Digital games market intelligence provider SuperData has been acquired by Nielsen Holdings, the companies announced Wednesday, allowing Nielsen clients access to additional insights about gamer behavior, video games and esports.

The acquisition of SuperData continues Nielsen’s ongoing efforts to gather marketing intelligence on the $109 billion video game industry. Nielsen already has its own divisions—Nielsen Games and the newly added Nielsen Esports—that report this information. However, according to the press release, the addition of SuperData will allow Nielsen to offer greater access to global market intelligence around digital video gaming use, sales, and audiences.

“SuperData’s measurement of digital game sales is definitely that compliments what our Nielsen Games business currently offers our clients,” Nicole Pike, managing director of Nielsen Esports told AList. “Even though we may be working in some of the same areas, there are a lot of unique data sets and types of analogies and products that we each have. It’s a good combination of products that compliment each other. Services may have some overlap but at the end of the day, are just going to bring more and different types of intelligence to our clients under one roof.”

Nielsen has shown growing interest in the gaming community over the last few years, partnering with Activision-Blizzard in April to provide metrics across several esports tournaments for Overwatch and Call of Duty. The partnership will expand to other titles in 2019. Nielsen Games tracks consumer behavior in terms of console and mobile gaming that analyzes purchase funnels, software, brand affinity and sales opportunities.

SuperData, meanwhile, offers the spending of over 160 million paying digital gamers worldwide. The company offers revenue data for all platforms including VR, console, mobile and PC, releasing reports on a monthly and yearly basis.

Pike noted that Nielsen and Superdata have clients in common and could gain access to new ones through this acquisition.

“Depending on the client, we’re going to see different opportunities to integrate the businesses together or offer products across both entities,” said Pike. “It’s going to look a little different depending on [which client] you’re talking about, but we see opportunities for our clients to take advantage of [the acquisition.”

Going forward, SuperData will be known as “SuperData, a Nielsen company.”