AncestryDNA has partnered with Spotify to generate custom music playlists based on a user’s genetic heritage. The collaboration has yielded more than 10,000 sign-ups for a custom playlist within the few days.

Those who purchase a DNA profile from Ancestry can now connect their accounts to Spotify to receive a custom playlist. Spotify will then generate a range of tracks that reflect these cultures.

Spotify has also created a series of playlists for different regions including the Middle East, England, Germany, Sweden, Korea and Eastern Africa. Ancestry has also sponsored a feature that lets Spotify users look into the “DNA” of the music they listen to. For example, the feature tracks punk bands back to England, U2 to Ireland and other artists back to their native countries to create a kind of musical heritage for yourself.

AncestryDNA has entered into a number of brand partnerships recently to help consumers feel a personal connection with their ancestry. For the release of Disney/Pixar’s Coco, Ancestry shared DNA results with two of the filmmakers and offered special discounts to those who wanted to connect with their own family history.

Meanwhile, Spotify’s brand partnerships continue to tell consumer stories by analyzing what they listen to.

“People have such a personal relationship to music,” Danielle Lee, global head of partner solutions at Spotify told AList in a previous interview. “The biggest insight is that [users] learn a lot about themselves based on how they stream.”

Spotify uses data and brand partners to help users understand their own habits. A recent campaign with Snickers triggered a pop-up, for example when users deviated outside of their usual listening habits.

The sheer amount of data that Spotify has to work with makes it a popular destination for marketers. The music streaming brand extended its partnership with Nielsen to offer Nielsen Brand Effect and Nielsen Ad Ratings to marketers. The deal grants Spotify marketers tools that measure the effectiveness of a campaign by tracking exposure to audio, video and display formats heard or seen across desktop, mobile and connected devices.