Every year we think we’ve seen it all: from edible KitKat soap to Planet Fitness’ comfortable workout chair. But, brands are using April Fools’ Day more than ever to insert a bit of humor into their current marketing campaigns.

Here is AList‘s round-up of the best marketing pranks we’ve seen today.

Shutterstock Plans To Build The World’s Largest Library

To promote their online library of creative assets, in their April Fools’ marketing campaign, Shutterstock announced the company’s plans to erect The World’s Largest physical library in 2020.

This imaginary world’s largest brick and mortar library would contain 250 million volumes of imagery, 14 million reels of film and 20,000 music tracks and would be served by Cyanotypes—first of-their-kind AI-powered robots.

SodaStream Turns Burps Into Sparkling Water

“When life gives you gas, make SodaStream,” the SodaStream April Fools’ marketing campaign video character, an astronaut Scott Kelly, says.

The campaign revolves around “SodaStreamMe”-an on-the-go bottle that enables users to carbonate their own drinks by blowing into the cap and releasing excess CO2. And is supposedly perfect for any occasion: after having a super-size salsa, bean and cheese burrito, in the elevator with your boss or for a successful romantic night.


Nissin ‘Hangs Noodles’ On The Gamers’ Ears

Nissin Cup Noodles April Fools’ prank involves their “groundbreaking headphones:” HyperX Cup MIX-Ins. 

On Monday, the headphones “drop” on the Nissin Fan Store as an extreme limited-edition run with the following product description: “Through the use of a detachable Microphork, the headphones cancel out all Cup Noodle slurping sounds while still delivering crystal-clear sound quality during stream. Plus, the patent-pending Noodlette ear pads woven together with noodle fibers deliver the silky soft caress of ramen noodles for your ears—while the Dual-Chamber Drivers offer the largest noodle chambers on the market! And the fork as a microphone.”

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ Publishes Culinary + Cocktail Trend Forecast For Spring 2019

In their April Fools marketing campaign, The Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group reveals Spring 2019 Culinary + Cocktail Trends. From “coffee grains toast” to DIY “bathtub gin” cocktail making kits the campaign is a clever way to entertain and innocently troll the avocado-toast loving, Keto diet-obsessed Millennials.

Some of the menu highlights include: “Coffee Grounds on Toast,” “Savory Shaved Ice” and “Micro Drinks.”


Burger King’s New Impossible Whopper

Last year the April Fools’ Whooper was “chocolate,” this year, it’s “vegetarian.” In their April Fools’ promotional video, Burger King surprised its loyal guests by serving the impossible, vegetarian, Whopper sandwich instead of the classic Whopper–and captured their reactions. “All Whopper. No beef”

The catch this time seems to be the fact that the Impossible Whopper is actually real. One can always count on Burger King and CMO Fernando Machado to turn convention on its head.

RetailMeNot Invites To Its First-Ever Music Festival

This April 1, RetailMeNot gives you their April Fools’ marketing campaign in a blog post that offers tickets to their music festival–Dealchella.

What to expect? All day happy hours, daily flash sales on flash tattoos, unlimited massage in the “Deals and Feels” cabana, a ride around the cheapskates roller rink, “two for one” tacos from Austin’s best chefs and a line-up that boasts the best deal-seeking artists like Taylor Thrift, Salena Gomez, Kasey Must-Saves, Cart-I B, Dealmau5, Bonus Brothers and Imagine Discounts.

And although RetailMeNot got you with Dealchella, in the same blog post, they offer real discounts from Domino’s, Southwest and many more.

Virgin Introduces Virgin Voyages Cruise Ship Under

As many are already planning summer vacations, Virgin pranks us with over the top RockStar Suites Sailors cruise ship. According to the Virgin press release, the “sailors” staying in RockStar Suites would arrive and depart via their own runway on a private jet transfer, offered from select gateway cities, including Atlanta, New York and Dallas.

T-Mobile Installs Sound-Proof Phone Booths 

On April Fools’ Day, T-Mobile brings the next evolution in telecom–T-Mobile Phone BoothE–the vertical vestibules that offer the ultimate privacy and peace in the hectic, loud world. And for even more convenience and mobility, T-Mobie offers a new portable version–the T-Mobile Phone BoothE Mobile EditionE. Just imagine being able to close the door of your personal booth in a noisy morning Starbucks shop. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


Three Olives Vodka Rebrands Roosevelt Island Into Rosévelt Island

Three Olives Vodka celebrates spring and the world-wide obsession with rosé by transforming Roosevelt Island in NY into very pink “Rosévelt” Island.

As a part of their April Fools’ marketing campaign, the company encourages viewers to visit RoseveltIsland.com to plan a getaway and make your social media explode with skyline photos taken on the newly pink Rosévelt Island Tramway, the pink-hued subway stop and island boardwalk.

Victorinox Swiss Army ‘Sharpens’ Your Survival Skills 

As a part of their April Fools’ marketing campaign, Victorinox Swiss Army partners with GlassesUSA.com and gives you Survival Rx Glasses–a pair of prescription glasses for everyday adventures with built-in (detachable) tools from the iconic Swiss Army Knife: a corkscrew, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, scissors and a toothpick. Now, that’s sharp.

TikTok Promotes DJ Khaled To Its New CMO

In their April Fools’ marketing campaign, TikTok announced DJ Khaled as its new chief motivational officer. In the 30 second promotional video, music producer and media personality, DJ Khaled continues to shower us with what he is most known for– his “major keys to success.”

Jägermeister Joins The Cannabis Market

Just in time for 4/20, the herbal liqueur brand, Jägermeister, announced that the company is joining the cannabis market with the launch of a new VAP–Jägerbong–”because every empty bottle of Jägermeister deserves a second chance.”

Jägerbong includes a 1L recyclable Jägermeister bottle that can be easily turned into a bong, a bong carb, a hacky sack, eye drops, a lighter and grinder.

If The Jägerbong VAP was real, it could be purchased at $42.00

Little Spoon Presents ‘Golden Spoon Collection’ For Little Gourmets 

Little Spoon, the baby food brand, offers the most gourmet menu on April Fools’ day, consisting of babyblends enriched with such ingredients as saffron⁣, white truffle, specialty morel mushrooms, fermented gooseberries, juniper oil⁣, dry smoked wasabi root and kaffir lime leaf. Bon appetite.

Dunkin Creates Super Dough Coffee Cup Holder

In their April Fools’ marketing campaign, Dunkin isn’t really introducing new giant donuts to create the first Super Dough Coffee Cup Holder. The company is just celebrating the spirit of April 1st with a joke they hope makes the customers smile today.

Contiki Offers Vacations For Dogs

The social travel company for 18-35-year-olds, Contiki, is developing a faux-launch of a new service that caters to the travel needs of dogs: Dogtiki. But unfortunately to many pet-parents, only as an April Fools’ Day prank.

The promotional video features chaotic vacation with scenes of the furry world explorers checking into a hotel room, dealing with luggage and traveling on a Contiki coach.

The prank is meant to bring attention to Contiki’s continued dedication to ethical tourism and its protection of animal welfare through the program Contiki Cares.