Burger King released a video spot resembling the title sequence of Netflix’s Stranger Things that shows the original red neon letters arranging themselves to spell “Upside Down WHOPPER.”

The 60-second spot promotes the chain’s new Stranger Things-inspired WHOPPER and packaging ahead of the show’s third season—in partnership with Netflix and Coca-Cola. The spot concludes with a call-to-action (CTA) to fans for a chance to win prizes. Guests who buy a Coca-Cola can scan the icon with the Burger King app to be among over 100,00 daily winners who receive branded merchandise, food, cash, airline tickets, and “a Stranger Things VIP Experience.”

Published to Burger King’s YouTube, the video spot description reads: “Pro tip: you can’t get eaten by something in the upside down if you’ve already eaten the upside down whopper.”

Starting on June 21, select Burger King restaurants in the US will serve the Upside WHOPPER—in branded Netflix and Coke packaging—which is the original WHOPPER made of the same ingredients but served upside down.

The three-brand partnership comes after Coca-Cola announced its New Coke campaign, an attempt to revive a recipe the brand launched and had to pull due to customer backlash. To announce the beverage’s limited-time return, Coca-Cola released a nostalgia-driven marketing video spot, set in 1985, featuring Stranger Things actors and the show’s theme song.

This year, Lego also played on the Stranger Things “upside down” theme when it released a brick play set that flips things upside down and consists of the show’s Byers family character figurines.

The Upside Down—which refers to an alternate dimension first mentioned in season one, episode eight of Stranger Things—was the catalyst to the invasion of the show’s setting of Hawkins, Indiana.