Dunkin’ has partnered with New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley to spread awareness for the brand’s modernization efforts and new espresso drinks.

Barkley will appear in a variety of Dunkin’ advertising, social media and live events beginning during the current NFL season. The partnership comes at a pivotal time for both the brand and the star rookie as Dunkin’ changes its logo while Barkley is on his way to becoming the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year.

In the first Barkley spot, “Huge,” the running back compares the future of Dunkin’ espressos to the hugeness of his legs, which continue to grow before the viewer’s eyes.

In “Smooth,” Barkley calmly slides into a touchdown while holding an espresso, before trying in vain to sip it through his helmet. “Work Hard” promotes Dunkin’ lattes through mind control, but the pro footballer can’t seem to find his way back out.

Each of the spots is delivered in a deadpan style that fits Dunkin’s brand of marketing humor. The one-year partnership with Barkley will have him promoting a number of items on the menu such as coffee, baked goods and limited-time breakfast sandwiches.

Dunkin’s partnership with Barkley will include ads and promotions throughout the New York Metro Area, taking advantage of the athlete’s local popularity.

In addition to new menu items like espressos, Dunkin’ is removing the “Donuts” from its name and remodeling its stores. Never one to shy away from change, the brand has been an early adopter of voice assistant integration, mobile ordering and even introduced a limited edition craft beer.

These modernization efforts attributed to 4.69 percent growth in the second quarter for Dunkin’ Brands and play a key role in the company’s blueprint for growth.

“I want to make it very clear that this is part of a unique chapter in our brand’s history,” Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffman said during the Q2 call with investors. “One of significant change and transformation to ensure relevance for generations to come.”