Dunkin’ Donuts has integrated Google Assistant into mobile ordering, introducing zero UI to its DD Perks customer experience.

DD Perks Rewards members can now link the Dunkin’ Donuts mobile app to their Google account. Users can say, “Hey, Google, talk to Dunkin’ Donuts,” and the Google Assistant will get help linking their DD Perks Rewards account, select a restaurant location and place orders.

Once an order has been placed with the help of Google Assistant, the distance and estimated time to reach the selected Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant will be identified by Google Maps.

Dunkin’ Donuts is embracing the age of mobile payments by placing a strong emphasis on its mobile ordering service over the last year. The company reported that On-the-Go Mobile Ordering (OTG) had a retrial rate of 80 percent in 2017.

In January, Dunkin’ Donuts opened a concept store in Massachusetts that features a dedicated drive-thru lane for mobile orders. The company expects that more than 75 percent of its new locations going forward will have a drive-thru lane of some sort to boost overall sales volume.

In February, the chain announced it plans to make mobile ordering a key part of its three-year growth plan, including the addition of up to 50 “NextGen restaurants” by the end of 2019. These new locations will cater to on-the-go customers and faster service.

The integration of Google into Dunkin’ Donuts’ mobile strategy is one of several attempts to remain on the cutting edge of technology impacting its young consumers. In December, for example, the company partnered with GM to offer Dunkin’ Donuts ordering right from the touchscreen of a user’s car.

Worldwide mobile payment revenue is expected to reach $930 billion this year and surpass 1 trillion US dollars in 2019.

To include underbanked customers and offer additional convenience, Dunkin’ Donuts announced plans to test “tender agnostic” participation in its DD Perks Loyalty program later this year. The program will allow members to earn points using all forms of tender, including their DD Card, credit, debit or cash.