The over 45 separate global Effie Awards competitions have concluded, and with their decisions comes the eighth annual Effie Index, ranking the most effective marketers and brands of the last year.

“Despite a rapidly changing landscape, Effie winners continue to create exceptional work, deliver results in all forms and drive growth for their businesses,” said Traci Alford, president and CEO of Effie Worldwide, in a statement. “The top ranked teams represent the very best of our industry, and we offer them our sincerest congratulations.”

Unilever won big this year, taking home the gold as Effie’s most effective global marketer. The consumer packaged good conglomerate won first prize five times since 2011, meaning that throughout the history of Effie Effectiveness awards Unilever has been in first place more often than not.

PepsiCo took second prize, a significant jump from last year’s showing of fifth place. According to Effie, the gain came mostly from its campaigns in Latin America, over any major improvement in its US marketing. Nestle and Coca-Cola took third and fourth place, respectively, and Mars broke into the top five for the first time in the competition’s history.

“Global FMCG companies continue their dominance of the most effective marketer ranking. Procter & Gamble ranks six—falling out of the top five for the first time since 2011,” the organization stated in its announcement. “Global brewers AB InBev and Heineken, along with McDonald’s and mobile phone leader Vodafone round out the Top 10.

In the category of Effie’s most effective brands, Pepsi and Coca-Cola appear again in the top five.

“Pepsi moves up three spots to replace Vodafone as the most effective global brand in 2018. Consistently ranked in the top five since 2011, it is the first time that Pepsi holds the top spot,” the organization stated.

McDonalds and Coca-Cola switched places for the second and third position, respectively, and Vodaphone dropped to number four. Spanish mobile phone operator Movistar remained in fifth place, its position from last year.

“A diverse range of industry sectors continue to populate the top 10,” Effie stated. “Technology giant IBM, along with Chevrolet, MasterCard and fast food leaders KFC and Burger King all rank in the top 10. They are joined by two Colombian beverage brands—Poker from Bavaria Brewery and Sr. Toronjo from Postobón.”

The Effie Effectiveness Index is sourced from the more than forty Effie Award competitions held during the 2017 calendar year, awarding points based on what prizes brands and marketers won for their work. For instance, a Platinum-level winner is awarded 12 points, while an unawarded Finalist is granted just two.