Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with Alpine ski resort Sölden to showcase its cars from the James Bond films.

Normally when a brand showcases its products, the installation is purposely easy to find—but Jaguar Land Rover is putting its interactive exhibit atop the 10,000 foot (3,050m) Gaislachkogl peak in Austria.

The hard-to-reach location is no coincidence. The installation is part of 007 Elements, a new, permanent James Bond installation located next to the Ice Q restaurant in Sölden. The restaurant and surrounding areas were used as a filming location in Spectre.

The 007 Elements installation was announced in December and will open in July of this year. With the announcement of Jaguar’s three-year partnership deal, however, James Bond fans finally get an idea of what they’ll find inside.

Visitors atop the mountain will be able to interact with displays and learn about Jaguar Land Rover specifications, including its artificial intelligence systems.

The Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Sport SVR used for filming Spectre will be on display, as well as a 90kWh lithium-ion battery used to power the C-X75 concept car from the film’s car chase through Rome.

Jaguar has a long-standing association with James Bond films, beginning with a Range Rover Classic featured in Octopussy in 1983. Since then, Jaguar Land Rovers have appeared in nine Bond films.

Spectre was the last Bond film which was released in 2015. Jaguar Land Rover’s three-year partnership with 007 Elements is a good sign that Jaguar will return in the next film, which will star Daniel Craig as 007.

Jaguar did not immediately respond for comment.

According to the official website, the idea behind 007 Elements is to “tell the story of the making of 007 films through an ultra-modern, emotive and engaging experience while using the incredible location to place guests in Bond’s environment and bring the stories to life in a unique and unforgettable way.”