As trends in food have rapidly changed—from a focus on healthier eating to the growing popularity of food delivery apps and companies, in general, taking a more responsible approach toward their eco-footprint, McDonald’s has started to take action. The global brand is making moves in an effort to reshape its image to win back the hearts, minds and stomachs of consumers, running campaigns with some common themes across the globe.

Did Someone Say Free French Fries?

French fry connoisseurs have a chance to eat their fill this year, as the restaurant chain is giving them away for free every Friday (aka “Fry-Day”). Similarly, free soft drinks are offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Both deals will be available for the rest of 2018, and each can only be redeemed once per day.

The only catch is that orders must be placed using the McDonald’s mobile app and the order must be at least $1, excluding tax. That might not be too much of an issue, given that it’s selling $1 sandwiches every day at participating locations until September 30, and $1 McDoubles every day through December 30 in a separate deal.

The onslaught of discounts is an effort to drive more downloads of their app—something that has worked well for other companies, such as Starbucks, to inspire brand loyalty while providing 1:1 access to their consumers.

Teaming Up With Uber Eats To Deliver Nostalgia

McDonald’s renewed its partnership with Uber Eats on Thursday by bringing the McDelivery campaign back to multiple countries, but deliveries will include more than fast food. They’re offering free ’90s inspired swag from McDonald’s Throwback Collection with every order of $5 or more. The collection includes t-shirts, Big Mac and french fry-themed tube socks, pins, bandanas and attachable PopSockets.

Throwback Thursday items are available while supplies last and orders must be placed using the mobile app. One, Two and Three Dollar Menu items aren’t available for delivery. The partnership also expands to the UK, where in lieu of the Throwback Collection, McDonald’s is giving away 5,000 specially designed food trays until August 23.

Becoming More Eco-Conscious

McDonald’s joined the ever-growing list of brands that are discontinuing use of disposable plastic straws. The restaurant chain also revealed in July that it is partnering with Starbucks to develop recyclable and/or compostable cups for use at its global locations. Estimates indicate that the two brands combined currently distribute about four percent of 600 billion cups that are tossed out worldwide annually. Although existing cups are technically recyclable, they rarely are.

Observing Annual Traditions

The global restaurant chain has also worked to win over consumers at local events. For example, Montréal, Québec has its annual Moving Day on July 1. On this day, which happens to overlap with Canada Day, the majority of residential leases begin or end, causing massive traffic congestion across the city as about 63 percent of the population moves in or out of rentals.

McDonald’s made light of all the boxes used on this occasion with a series of a series of ads featuring images of fries, coffee and ice cream made from stacked boxes to encourage movers to use the mobile app. Prior efforts to leverage this yearly event included paint sample cards shaped into a Big Mac and fries.

National French Fry Day took place on July 13, and McDonald’s participated by offering deals and something a little extra to the people of Puerto Rico. The company redesigned its french fry packaging to include an extra pocket in front, where a ñapa or “lucky extra” potato wedge was tucked away. The concept began as an April Fool’s Day joke posted to McDonald’s Facebook account, which was received so well that thousands of Puerto Ricans asked that it become a reality.