Stella Artois has introduced a robot bartender named B.A.R.T. that serves drinks and cleans up while his owners entertain. The robot vacuum attachment can be purchased or 3D printed at home in a bid to make consumers’ lives “a little easier” this holiday season.

B.A.R.T. stands for Bartending Automated Robotic Technology. The device consists of a stand that holds drinks and snacks and attaches to any home vacuum robot such as a Roomba. Naturally, B.A.R.T. was designed specifically to hold Stella Artois bottles and Chalices—up to four each.

The alcohol brand is offering a limited number of B.A.R.T. units for $19.99 each. Those with a 3D printer can assemble their own by downloading the blueprints for free.

In a promotional video, Stella Artois tells the story of a man named Harold who is so busy trying to serve drinks at his holiday party that he doesn’t have time to enjoy one himself. Just then, his cat rides the Roomba away and Harold gets stuck with an idea. Working tirelessly, he invents B.A.R.T. and is finally able to make a toast himself—although he can’t think of the words. While the robot gives you more free time, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be articulate.

Stella Artois has gone all out in terms of marketing this year. The Anheuser Busch brand continued its Joie de Biere campaign with “The Art of Living,” a five-part series that encouraged viewers to live their best life. The branded content series launched on IGTV and featured artisans from the worlds of film, art and food.

B.A.R.T. isn’t the first time Stella Artois has tried to help consumers relax. In August, the company released a 20-minute audio guide called Stellaspace. Detailing the “art of beer sipping,” the activation was narrated by actor Luke Evans and made available through Inscape’s meditation app.

“We know that life tends to get in the way of enjoying these simple pleasures and our mission is to help bring more enjoyment to the limited time people do have,” Stella Artois vice president Harry Lewis told AList in a previous interview.