Twitter has become one of the main staples of any company’s main social campaign. Twitter allows companies to almost instantly reach massive numbers of engaged users who are following the company, as well as any others who see any tweets that are re-tweeted. But exactly how much is a tweet worth to a company According, that first tweet can be worth around $25, and $20 from a retweet. Each tweet is worth less than a direct email campaign would bring in, yet it’s more than a Pay-For-Click campaign like Google AdWords would offer.

While this figure may seem wholly unimpressive, as it amounts to less than a penny per impression, a successfully integrated Twitter marketing campaign would lead to a 1-2 percent increase in total revenue. This is an average number, SumAll points out, and the effectiveness of a Twitter campaign can vary greatly from company to company.

This also doesn’t mean that a company can tweet 20 times a day and expect $500 of revenue. The value of each tweet drops off after the first tweet; six tweets a day is the ideal number, according to SumAll, and the value of a tweet drops off rapidly after the first one.

Source: SumAll