As a senior designer at Harmonix, Brian Chan has seen the music genre of games rise and fall. However, he still thinks there’s a place for music games and their unique instrument controllers.

“Gimmicks, so-called, are really just risky moves taken in the larger narrative of innovation,” said Chan. “They are bold and sometimes stupid, but we should applaud such risk-taking. And sometimes they are thin at the start, but many good ideas mature over time and with iteration.”

“Music is a ubiquitous and inextricable part of people’s lives. In addition to being a powerful medium in isolation, it tends to go with everything else. With social media and the democratization of music software, more people are making music than ever before,” he added. “So, if, indeed, the future is casual, trans-media, and highly monetized, then popular music, as an expressive medium and a media format, seems about as flexible and future-forward as any genre or fantasy I can think of.”

Source: GameSetWatch