Steve Ballmer is not known to mince words while on stage and he was no less so during the Web 2.0 Summit. In particular, he harped on the beauty of the new Windows phones from Nokia.

Ballmer argues that Windows phones are designed to put the most relevant information and social updates in front of you with more immediate placement compared to the numerous icons on iPhone, and as for Android, Ballmer said, “You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows phone. I think you do to use an Android phone.”

He was coy about Microsoft making phone hardware, saying, “We have been very successful enabling hardware innovation, and we will continue to do so. Thank you for your suggestion.”

Ballmer also said Microsoft isn’t looking to get into the social networking business, turning instead to things like Xbox Live and Skype. “We’ve picked our play,” Ballmer said. “We’re adding connectivity to people into our core products.”

Ballmer also contended that Bing is doing pretty well, despite having only 15 percent of the worldwide search market. Also brought up was the failed deal for Yahoo for $44 billion back in 2008 – given the company’s current troubles, Ballmer said, “Sometimes, you get lucky.”

Source: AdWeek