Cisco predicts that 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video streaming and downloads by 2019, and brands are investing in the content type like never before. Not all video ads are created equal, so which are the most effective?

Studies Show. . .

Seventy-six percent of viewers skip pre-roll ads simply because they had become conditioned to do so, according to a recent study by Magna, and only 10 percent of those surveyed could still recall the brand after the ad was skipped.

However, if viewers opt to watch pre-roll ads, they have a 78 percent completion rate, according to Ooyala. Still, of the three types of ad placements, YuMe found that pre-roll ads were considered the least intrusive. Only 17 percent of mobile device users feel that the ad interrupts the content compared with 60 percent on outstream and 72 percent on mid-roll.

Ooyala also found that mid-roll ads have a 90 percent completion rate since users are already invested in the content. Mid-roll accounts for more than 33 percent of digital video ads in apps, online and through video-streaming boxes like Apple TV.

Post-roll, while the least engaging, still boasts an impressive 65 percent completion rate, per Ooyala. Calls-to-action after a video has played can be more effective, since users aren’t afraid to miss anything. Post-roll impressions have grown 74 percent YoY as of April 2016, so consumers aren’t necessarily running away as soon as their video has ended.

So, which ads are right for your brand? It depends entirely on the message. Across the board, shorter ads have higher completion rates . . . so long as they are entertaining.