While Memorial Day weekend was expected to be dominated by Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Shrek Forever After instead topped the charts with a $55.7 million haul. The film has taken in over $171.3 million in just two weekends.

Prince of Persia came in second with a $37.8 million domestic take; while the film had $95.5 million in sales internationally, its tepid reception in the U.S. may prevent it from becoming a franchise. Meanwhile, Sex and the City 2 was dogged by negative reviews and a third place showing at the box office with $37.1 million, which could spell the end to the adventures of Samantha and company.

Filling out the top five are Iron Man 2 at number 4 with $20.6 million and Robin Hood bringing up the rear at $13.6 million; considering the cost of this biopic, the Russel Crowe film is probably yet another stillborn franchise.

Source: MTV