Wrangler is more than just an apparel brand, and Brett Favre’s favorite source for denim. In three years, the western lifestyle company has turned the Wrangler Network into a leading digital destination and content-creation machine that’s been expanding well beyond rodeo and bull riding.

After penning a content pact with Universal Music Group Nashville in November, the three-year old site is now serving as an online and mobile publisher, already scoring such hits as a free livestream concert with Country Music Hall of Fame singer George Straight at the historic Gruene Hall in San Antonio in front of an invitation-only crowd. The musician, owner of 60 number one hits, has been associated with Wrangler since the ‘80s and even has his own line of branded apparel.

Straight’s concert last month was received with much fanfare. The network scored viewers from 42 countries and generated more than 14 million media impressions. The Facebook Livestream has reeled in 1.1 million-plus views to date. It was the first in a series of concerts that will be livestreamed on the site. Wrangler, which is owned by VF Corporation, livestreams 120 events each year.

Based on the million-plus monthly visitors on the site and more than 27,000 app downloads, the content marketing ploy is forging connections among consumers. With six-figure ad deals, the full-on, standalone site’s ad revenue has jumped 100 percent from 2015 to 2016, per The Wall Street Journal. MGM Grand, Resistol, Pendleton Whisky and cooler brand Yeti are just some of the brands who are currently saddled to the site as sponsors.

Craig Errington, vice president of marketing at Wrangler, joined [a]listdaily to explain why they are champing at the bit to create more compelling content for their loyal consumer base.

Why is Wrangler aligning itself to content creation?

Our goal is to enhance our fans’ accessibility to the things they love and are most passionate about. We recognize that consumers are constantly on the move, and that we must meet them with entertaining and engaging content they want to identify with. The Wrangler Network generates content that is so unique and appropriate for our core audience, while also catering to an aspirational consumer that dreams of the Western way of life. Wrangler and the Wrangler Network understand the Western and country lifestyles—it is what our heritage was built on, and our content is created and served to evoke emotion and passion for rodeo, country music and all things outdoors. This was ultimately the motivation for instituting the Wrangler Network, and why millions of fans have elected to engage with our lifestyle content.

How does this partnership with Universal Music Group help you reach a target audience, and eventually to a sales increase for Wrangler apparel?

Wrangler has long been synonymous with the Western and country lifestyles. Our most recent agreement with the largest country music record label in the industry—Universal Music Group Nashville—allows the Wrangler brand to further align with our staunch country music audience. The agreement will bring new and exciting video content exclusively to the Wrangler Network, allowing us to connect to our fans natively and organically. Our main goal is to enhance our fans’ accessibility to the things they love. By connecting with consumers through relatable, relevant content, we hope current and potential Wrangler consumers will be inspired by what we are doing and purchase our products to show support for the brand they love.

What is the marketing strategy for the Wrangler Network?

The Wrangler Network marketing strategy utilizes multichannel content distribution through the Wrangler brand accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Wrangler Network is a leading content generation source for Wrangler, allowing us to distribute unique content gathered all over North America. For example, the Wrangler Network livestreamed a rodeo in Saint-Tite, Quebec, Canada, capturing content from the L’échange de Cavaliers (exchange of riders) Gymkhana competition. The video went viral on the Wrangler Facebook page, receiving 2.7 million-plus views to date. We offer quality content that relates to a wide variety of different audiences. The process of generating intriguing content through the Wrangler Network and distributing that across a Wrangler social media landscape that consists of upward to three million fans is something that is truly unique and special among consumer brands.

Why is digital music an increasingly key tactic for marketers looking to reach mobile users?

Regardless of the industry, all consumers enjoy streaming their favorite songs on their mobile devices. Music has the power to produce positive feelings and recreate memories. By syncing music with a brand, the two become interchangeable. Our consumers are particularly passionate about country music. It’s important that we offer an experience using music to connect with people who follow Wrangler where they are in the moment. As mobile usage continues to grow, we want to be there with our fans every step of the way and feel music is one of the best ways to connect with our audience.

Aside from music, what kind of branded content do you think best speaks with consumers?

In order for content to resonate with consumers, it should touch on more than one human sense. Since our branded content is available through a mobile device, the only two available are sight and sound. Being able to combine the two with the use of video allows the Wrangler consumer to be entertained in a way that makes them feel like they are part of the action. By offering unique access to rodeo events, never-before-seen interviews and country music performances, Wrangler is creating a unique experience in which fans can access the content that is most important to them at their convenience. We are investing heavily in video content because we recognize that video can extend our brand experience to users who would otherwise not have access to it.

The Wrangler Network is all about online streaming. Are there any new digital and social platforms you are experimenting with?

The Wrangler Network was a pioneer in branded content platforms, especially in the Western and country lifestyle space. We are constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries and bring our fans the latest content experiences, which was the inspiration for the UMG Nashville agreement. In addition to bringing fans the latest in country music the Wrangler Network has experienced great success utilizing Facebook Live, registering thousands of additional views for our content. As a media entertainment entity, we are also testing virtual reality. We cover some of the wildest and toughest sports in the world, so VR is a natural fit for our content.

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