What Is Facebook’s Answer To YouTube

YouTube ruled the proceedings at VidCon this year, but YouTube’s biggest rival in terms of online video scale and ad revenue, Facebook, will instead be keynoting the [a]list summit to talk about Facebook and Instagram as marketing platforms and what you need to succeed in mobile and social video.

How YouTube’s Biggest Break-Out Star Is Building An Empire

Michelle Phan became a household name as one of YouTube’s biggest stars, but the talented beauty expert has been able to build a business empire, too. She’ll be doing a keynote interview together with her CEO and co-founder of ipsy Marcelo Camberos. Centered around the award-winning monthly Glam Bag, ipsy now boasts over 1 million subscribers and generates more than $150 million in revenue.

Big Opportunities, Big Value

With a massive supply of influencers, and only a few marketers using influencer marketing to their advantage, the cost of an influencer campaign is below its real value.

On average, marketers are seeing $6.50 for every $1 spent. For those who have used influencer marketing most effectively, the top 13 percent of marketers are gaining $20 per $1 spent.

Brands Are Going All-In On Social

With 70 percent of brands planning to increase their social advertising budget, and 59 percent making increases specific to influencer marketing, it’s clear brands are going all-in. At [a]list Video summit, attendees can learn how to find those influencers that best align with your brand to create content that is more organic and engaging.

What Is The Future of AR and VR for Entertainment

AR and VR is a hot topic that will be front-and-center when this year’s holiday campaigns kick off from companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. We have a keynote conversation with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville who has been working with Ayzenberg on a documentary series on Microsoft HoloLens, which may be screened now at HoloLens.com and on the HoloLens YouTube channel.

The Content Shift Has Already Happened

This year, we’ve seen the world’s top 100 brands increase their monthly video views on YouTube by 55 percent and Facebook’s share of video ad revenue grow by 20 percent. On top of that, eMarketer predicts that digital video advertising spending will finally eclipse TV by 2018.

What’s Next In Data-Driven Video Storytelling

New Form Digital is an exciting new online studio joint venture created by Discovery, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. SVP Cangilla will speak with Allison Stern, co-founder of Video Intelligence firm Tubular Labs, about the future of the data-driven digital studio and how to identify rising star storytellers, create engaging digital scripted content and successfully grow engaged digital audiences.

The Influencer Marketing Boom Is Showing No Signs Of Stopping

Google searches for “influencer marketing” are climbing higher and higher.

Video Is Capturing Attentions, Imagination

We’ve all heard of the stats around banner blindness, with only 14 percent of consumers able to remember the last display ad they saw. Consumers have been vocal about their preference for content as opposed to traditional advertising to learn about new products. With branded content, brand lift is 82 percent higher and purchase intent is up 53 percent.

85+ Brands Will Converge On The Future Of Mobile + Social Video

[a]list Mobile + Social Video summit will have 85+ brands in attendance, with many networking opportunities. There will be breakfast, lunch and a cocktail reception sponsored by our friends at Curse in the heart of Hollywood at the W Hotel.

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