by Jessica Klein

Toy company Spin Master Ltd. and MCN Mondo Media have partnered up to start a new children’s YouTube channel called SpindoTV.

Content on the channel, which is set to launch in the beginning of 2015, is meant for children ages six to 11. Mondo Media will provide original, animated shows for the channel, while other animated and live action series will come from Spin Master. Independent creators will also be able to make content for SpindoTV. Such creators can pitch ideas for shows on Mondo Media’s website.

“Over 80% of YouTube’s audience lives outside of North America. This lines up nicely with Spin Master, which is a truly global company,” the company’s executive producer, Josh Fisher, explained.

Mondo Media will work to produce and publicize content on SpindoTV. The MCN already boasts over a couple billion views on the video platform with shows like “Happy Tree Friends.” It is based in San Francisco.

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