E3 may be officially partnered up with Twitch for its big show next month, but that doesn’t mean YouTube can’t get in on the action.

For the second year in a row, YouTube Gaming will play an integral part in streaming content from the convention, and is preparing for it by launching event hubs, including one specifically for E3.

These hubs will be home to YouTube shows that are specific to events like E3, so users can simply visit a hub and get all their coverage in one place.

YouTube has already promised to cover a number of events online, starting with both EA and Bethesda’s press conferences on June 12th. From there, it’ll host a 12-hour livestream on June 13th, co-sponsored by Samsung, in which a number of “Let’s Play” walkthroughs, reveals and “surprise guests” are expected. The show will be hosted by The Game Awards producer and former GameTrailers host, Geoff Keighley.

“We wanted to build coverage of E3 that blends together TV production values with the passion and fandom of the top influencers,” noted Keighley, speaking with GamesBeat. “It feels like we’re connecting together multiple generations of gamers, and YouTube really puts an unparalleled amount of promotion behind the game industry during E3. We’re not just talking to hardcore gamers–we’re reaching into the mainstream, too.”

It’s unknown if YouTube Gaming will have a presence at the show itself, or the public E3 Live event that was announced earlier this week. For now, it appears the focus is on the pre-E3 presentations.

Keighley was also quick to note the absence of certain companies from the show floor, including Electronic Arts, which is hosting its own EA Play event at the same time. “Even if they don’t have booths on the show floor, I know EA and Activision’s games will be well represented in and around the show,” said Keighley. “At the end of the day, E3–at least in the eyes of consumers–is really anchored by the press conferences, and all of those are still taking place as part of our global livestream.”

Twitch will have its own fair share of live coverage happening at the event, and various companies have broadcast partners lined up for its press conferences. Microsoft, for instance, will livestream its showcase through online sites and its consoles, as well as Spike TV.