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Check out the full agenda of speakers for the upcoming [a]list Frontline Marketing summit. The event brings together marketers from around the country to spend the day to learn and mingle with other forward-thinking marketers and thought leaders from top companies and platforms as well as creators.

With new 60-second branded video on Instagram and Facebook’s now-notorious strength in mobile video, marketers will have to now contend a video-driven environment on social media. Facebook and Instagram’s head of industry for global marketing solutions, Paul Peterman, will be giving a keynote on adapting and creating content for the mobile experience.

Activision Blizzard Media Network senior vice president and MLG co-founder Mike Sepso will keynote the event to talk about how the company is building the ESPN of eSports. Sepso will give the audience a look into Activision Blizzard’s strategy to deliver a best-in-class fan experience across games, geographies and platforms, to further the development of their leading eSports ecosystem.

From creating premium content and leveraging its broadcast technology platform, to hiring ESPN’s former CEO, Steve Bornstein, Activision Blizzard Media Networks sees a future with giant stadiums, megastar players organized in big leagues, super-fans and big business. ESports represents marketing opportunities beyond traditional gaming.

Leading the charge of a whole different kind of streaming experience, YouNow’s Paula Batson, VP of PR and Communications at the platform, will be giving a presentation about what makes a successful streamer and how to grow a streaming audience.

YouTube sensation Connor Franta and his business partner Andrew Graham, senior talent manager at Big Frame, will participate in a fireside chat with Steven Lai, head of talent at ION. Their conversation will delve into the latest trends in creating authentic content together with brands. Franta, who boasts millions of subscribers across his two channels, is also becoming a savvy marketer in his own right by releasing his own line of coffee, Common Culture Coffee, as well as his record label, Heard Well.

The future is now and AI is already all around us—Cortana, Siri, Google Now, IBM Watson… Creative Director of the Halo Franchise, at 343 Industries/Microsoft, Frank O’Connor will be on hand to compare and contrast the fictional and real aspects of AI and how marketers and mankind should prepare.

Dr. Scot Refsland, founder and CEO of RotorSports, will join [a]listdaily‘s Jay Baage for a fireside chat about a new phenomenon which is exploding on the Internet, drone racing. Drone racing is a fast-growing extreme sport in which pilots compete head-to-head with small flying drones while wearing first-person-view goggles. It’s all fueled by a highly engaged social media community.

RotorSports produces the U.S. National Drone Racing Championships and the inaugural 2016 World Drone Racing Championships in Hawaii which attracted over 40 participating countries. Scot has a Ph.D. in virtual and augmented reality and is is particularly interested in the intersection of drone racing, eSports and mixed reality technologies. He serves as an advisor to the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA).

Shiraz Akmal is CEO and co-founder of SPACES, an independent virtual and mixed reality company formed by the members of DreamWorks Animation’s DreamLab, an innovation center that spent the last three years creating virtual reality experiences for major movie studios, technology and products. SPACES will share examples of how global brands are leveraging the magic of virtual reality to teleport their audiences anywhere.

Rebecca Markarian, Ayzenberg’s senior vice president of social and digital media, will hold a Q&A with Dennis Todisco, Twitter and Niche’s head of digital creator community. The two will discuss how brands can be creative at the speed of conversation on social media.

Joey Jones, Ayzenberg’s vice president and creative director, will address how successful stories have worked over the ages through various mediums in light of today’s advents in VR, AR and 360-degree cameras.

[a]insights’ data scientist and advisor, Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter, and chief technology officer Kai Mildenberger will be on hand to give attendees a look into the future of predictive marketing analytics through their work on developing Brand Soulmates to line up ideal influencers with premium brands.

Previously announced speakers include:

  • Jim Louderback, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist
  • Ruth Yomtoubian, Director, AT&T Foundry
  • Eric Gradman, CTO, Two Bit Circus
  • Chris Younger, Principal and Director of Strategy, Ayzenberg
  • Stu Pope, Principal and Creative Director, Ayzenberg
  • Vincent Juarez, Principal, Ayzenberg & ION
  • Robin Boytos, Director, Analytics, Ayzenberg & [a]insights
  • Jon Simon, VP, Integrated Marketing, Ayzenberg
  • Andy Swanson, VP, eSports, Twitch
  • Dan Ciccone, MD, rEVXP, Manager, OpTic Gaming
  • Michael Cai, SVP, Research, Video Games and Technology

Past speakers include:

  • Morgan Neville, Academy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker
  • Jonathan Murtaugh, US Head of Industry for Film and Television, Facebook & Instagram
  • Stephanie Horbaczewski, CEO, StyleHaul
  • Michelle Phan, YouTube Superstar and Founder ipsy
  • Andy Swanson, VP, eSports, Twitch
  • LeAnne Hackmann, Sr. Director, Global Content Strategy & Activation, Mattel
  • Allison Stern, Co-Founder & VP Marketing and Business Development, Tubular
  • JC Cangilla, SVP of Business Development, New Form Digital
  • Seamus Blackley, Xbox Co-Creator
  • Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Producer, Transformers Franchise
  • Shay Carl, Co-Founding Talent of Maker Studios
  • Peter Levin, President, Interactive Ventures and Games, Lionsgate
  • Terry City, Head of West Coast Operations, Buzzfeed
  • David Hayes, Head of Creative Strategy, Tumblr
  • T.J.Marchetti, CMO, Awesomeness TV
  • Maria Pacheco, Sr. Director, Mobile Marketing, Dreamworks Animation
  • Mary Healey, Global Lead, YouTube Brand Partner Program
  • Elaine Chase, Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing, Hasbro
  • Scott Carlis, VP of digital and social media, AEG (LA Kings)
  • Jack and Jack, Influencers
  • Zach King, Influencer
  • Olga Kay, Influencer
  • Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari of Chuck E Cheese
  • Ed Lin, Director of Brand Marketing, Warner Bros
  • Jordan Weisman, CEO, Harebrained Schemes
  • Min Kim, CEO, Nexon America
  • Jeanette Liang, Executive Director, Global Digital Marketing, Estee Lauder
  • Mike Webster, Director of Marketing, Capcom
  • Kristian Segerstale, COO, Super Evil MegaCorp
  • Leo Oleb, Director of Marketing, Kabam
  • Ryan Weiner, Director of Marketing, Activision
  • Phil Marineau, Director of Marketing, Electronic Arts
  • Ryan Cameron, Xbox Director of Marketing Communications, Microsoft

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