Daniel Kelley, HyperX director of marketing

HyperX specializes in PC gaming hardware and has been active with esports almost from its beginnings by sponsoring players, organizations and tournaments. As a result, gaming and esports enthusiasts have developed an affinity for the brand and its products, but it’s still primarily known in the competitive PC gaming scene.

The tech brand is further expanding from esports and into the world of traditional sports through an NBA partnership with the Dallas Mavericks, becoming the official headset provider for the professional basketball team. The announcement, which follows a similar partnership formed with the Philadelphia 76ers in October, demonstrates how the tech company is further evolving its marque past hardcore gamers into more of a lifestyle brand.

Daniel Kelley, director of marketing for HyperX, told AListDaily that his company’s goal is to become known more broadly as a “gaming-lifestyle” brand that attracts both hardcore and casual players. The key to achieving this is through continued authenticity and remaining confident in product performance and quality, all while conveying that sense to audiences through esports tournaments and NBA partnerships.

“We built a marketing program aimed at positively engaging and supporting the gaming community with a large focus on the competitive gaming scene,” said Kelley. “We now are aggressively expanding our brand to be more approachable and trusted by the casual gamer who likely primarily plays on PlayStation, Xbox or other consoles.”

Kelley said that this approach is an extension of the company’s “we’re all gamers” tagline, which it uses to drive its marketing strategy.

HyperX looks to utilize the known personalities and organizations it sponsors to get more instant recognition by working with esports teams such as Echo Fox, owned by former Lakers star Rick Fox, and NBA veteran Jonas Jerebko’s Team Renegades.

Kelley and company have also procured partnerships with professional basketball players Gordon Hayward and De’Aaron Fox as brand ambassadors. These efforts, which mainly involve its Cloud gaming headsets, help to get the HyperX brand and products in front of more casual gamers who are also fans of the NBA.

But HyperX isn’t just looking to win over casual gamers—it’s looking to the parents of young gamers to adopt it as a lifestyle brand, too.

“Getting brand awareness with the mom or dad is also quite helpful when they’re looking to outfit their son or daughter with some gaming gear,” said Kelley. “HyperX is a gaming brand, and we feel that anyone that plays games, watches games or is the parent of an avid gamer are part of our community. If we can stay true to what gamers want and need, this will resonate beyond esports and into traditional sports fans, who also appreciate the dedication and quality of other brands in the space.”

The relationship between esports and traditional sports continues to grow closer with a wave of NBANFL and MLB franchises—among others—getting involved with competitive gaming. HyperX will continue to look toward traditional sports to assist with its brand evolution.

“NBA franchises and owners are buying esports teams and preparing to fill arenas and stadiums with esports tournaments and events,” said Kelley. “The NBA, in particular, has been very progressive as it relates to embracing esports and there is a lot of overlap between hardcore gamers and NBA fans.”