Amazon announced updates to its Amazon Attribution console, an advertising tool brands use to attract consumers via Amazon marketplace. The new addition offers advertisers a click-based solution to measure the impact of social media ad campaigns based on consumer discovery and research. 

Brands that sell products on Amazon have utilized the Amazon Attribution since it launched in beta last year. The console enables on-demand access to conversion reporting on sales attribution and return on investment (ROI), making it easier than ever to receive and analyze metrics on and ongoing basis. With streamlined access to sales impact analysis, brands can optimize their full digital media portfolio and live campaigns.

The recent social ad measurement update allows marketers to understand shopping impact across search, social, email, display and video media. The in-app tool will give brands insight into how shoppers are buying their products on Amazon.

In addition to enabling social measurement, Amazon is introducing bulk operations for Google Ads, which simplifies the tag generation and implementation process for these ads. Through Amazon Attribution, brands can automatically produce up to 100,000 attribution tags when they upload a single file with campaign information. After generating the tags, brands can download a file that contains all tags, reducing the time necessary to set up Google Ads campaigns.

Amazon Attribution launched with limited availability to vendors in the UK earlier this year, thereby now giving access to both the UK and US.

Prior to the Amazon Attribution update, the company’s advertising platform released a new directory in the US to help marketers discover agencies and tools that offer a range of advertising specialties. The “find-a-partner” directory offers two categories, managed-service providers and tool providers.

Amazon’s behavioral data offerings give direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands even more incentive to shift ad dollars away from Google and Facebook. Despite their revenues growing, the combined share of the duopoly dropped this year, according to eMarketer. Amazon’s US ad business is expected to grow 50 percent this year, with its share of the US digital ad market reaching 8.8 percent. 

In a new study, “Amazon Will Disrupt The Advertising Ecosystem,” Forrester predicts that Amazon’s explosive growth in 2018 will cause steeper demands from clients of the duopoly, as reported in Forbes. Forrester also sees consolidation of the ad tech landscape as one result of Amazon’s force.