Dara Treseder knows a thing or two about marketing technology. The former CMO of GE Ventures and Business Innovations has spent her career promoting and exploring the scientific world and was named one of Forbes’ top 50 CMOs to watch. Last week, Treseder joined 3D printing brand Carbon as chief marketing officer and is ready to apply what she’s learned to this emerging market.

Treseder sat down with AList to talk about her career move from GE, the changing CMO landscape and why its critical for the marketing team to spread passion throughout an entire company.

How are you applying B2C knowledge to your new role?

I really think about human-to-human. B2B and B2C are definitely different approaches. I love to bring a purpose-driven, customer-first approach. Mission and purpose first.

We’re taking an ingredient brand approach—building our own brand so people know who we are and what our products stand for so that when they see one of our partners manufacturing with Carbon, they understand what that means. They [would] understand our commitment to a sustainable future and choose our partners’ products because they know they were made with the environment in mind. One of our commitments is to reduce plastic pollution. We enable parts to be designed and manufactured with dramatically less material.

There will definitely be joint marketing efforts that we do with our partners to ensure that their customers are aware of what we’re able to offer.

Now that you are promoting 3D printing partnerships, how does personalization tie into your strategy at Carbon?

We are able to use data to create better products, which puts us in a powerful position. It allows [Carbon] to surprise and delight their customers in a way that they wouldn’t be able to do if they weren’t embarking on this journey of mass customization. I think it’s amazing because it’s not just a marketing gimmick. Our technology enables customization at a level that hitherto has not been possible.

Dara used the example of Adidas, whose Futurecraft 4D running shoes won a Gold Lion for Innovation at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this year.

This is a big move for you and CMOs tend to change companies rather frequently. Why do you think that is?

We’re kind of in a new era. Business needs are changing. People talk a lot about the moves CMOs are making but that’s representative of the fast pace of today’s consumers. Things are moving really fast. The role of the CMO is constantly evolving and some of these transitions are good—good for the company and good for the CMO because it allows for the development of an innovative perspective.

I’m really passionate about the technology and I love the people, so when I was given this opportunity, it seemed like a good next step for me.

On that note, how important is it to be passionate about the brand you’re marketing?

It’s critical [to love the brand you’re marketing]. I couldn’t work for a company if I wasn’t deeply passionate and in love with its purpose and its mission. Without that, it’s hard to craft the message or share that enthusiasm. It’s important not just for CMOs, but all the marketers on their team. It’s also important that the marketing function works to spread that love and passion to every part of the organization. Companies that are made up of employees that are deeply connected to its mission and purpose are the best ones to work for.

Dara participated in our Advertising Week Panel, THE REBOUND: Recovering From Failure, which you can watch here.