Red Bull introduced an augmented reality (AR) lens that lets gamers virtually compete with professional gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the most followed gamer on Twitch. Via the app, fans can invite his avatar into their homes for an AR experience. The immersive marketing initiative is an extension of Red Bull’s “Win with Ninja” campaign in Germany.

Anyone can activate the Ninja AR lens without having to download the app, making it instantly accessible. Fans can either visit the page with their smartphone or scan the quick response (QR) code with their camera app. Using the WebAR lens, gamers must send Red Bull pictures of how they hang out or play with Ninja’s avatar in their gaming room. The photos will be entered into a raffle for their chance to win a gaming session match against Ninja at Lollapalooza in Chicago in August. The raffle runs until June 30.

In addition to the possibility of gaming with Ninja, fans can scan the code under the flap of the limited edition Ninja Red Bull can—which launched in April— to win one of 2,500 Ninja headbands, 17,500 Red Bull gaming sticker sets or for a chance to be one of the five who will win a trip to the US to meet Blevins.

The AR lens comes after Red Bull launched its Win with Ninja US campaign in conjunction with the branded Ninja Red Bull can featuring pictures of Blevins. To enter the US sweepstakes, fans were to upload a video creatively showcasing how they game for a chance to be flown with their partner to a Red Bull gaming event.

Red Bull introduced the limited edition can to Blevins on the set of his photoshoot for The Red Bulletin, the brand’s digital magazine, via drone delivery. The 28-year-old Detroit native, who has neon aqua-blue hair, is best known for streaming Fortnite: Battle Royal and Apex Legends with record-breaking numbers of viewers, and famously streaming with Drake in 2018. Blevins has since been recognized as the global gamer with the most social interactions and boasts more than 45 million gaming followers across platforms domestically and abroad.

Red Bull’s partnership with Ninja echoes the commodity-turned-lifestyle brand’s commitment to marketing to young urban professionals via experiential campaigns. In 2018, the company transformed bus shelters into vending machines to introduce Red Bull Plus, a healthier version of the drink. Red Bull Energy Drink is available in over 170 countries worldwide.