Beauty is more than skin-deep, Macy’s declares to promote its spring line of skincare products. But “Deeper Beauty,” a new interview series that offers inspirational stories and makeup tips from five powerful women, hopes to align the retail brand with a more empowering view of cosmetics.

“Driven by Macy’s belief in the embrace of all types of beauty, the campaign reminds women that true beauty is more than skin deep—it is about overcoming judgment, accepting oneself, and being inclusive of all expressions and routines, no matter how minimal or bold,” the company declares in a press release.

The video series starts with a 60-second spot featuring each of the brand’s interview subjects, which range in professions from chef to film director to software developer. The spot will additionally include an original poem, much in the vein of Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl spot, written by Pavana Reddy.

“The ‘Deeper Beauty’ campaign is a celebration of every woman, everywhere with its theme, ‘find your beautiful, inside and out,'” the company states.

The interviews themselves, hosted by Heben Nigatu, are an eclectic bunch, ranging in subject from everyday makeup tips to reflections on their careers and ambitions to their professional and personal role models.

“Welcome to the Macy’s Beauty series about being more than just beautiful,” Nigatu declares at the beginning of each video.

The “Deeper Beauty” interviews are part of the third season of Macy’s substantive rebranding efforts that began last fall. This spring’s tagline of “Find Your Beautiful” focuses not just on improving brick-and-mortar store visits, but establishing Macy’s locations both in-store and online as helpful tools for consumers to discover the sort of look that works best for them.

Macy’s “Deeper Beauty” campaign puts the retailer alongside other supportive makeup and beauty brands, such as Glossier’s body-positivity social campaign “Body Hero” and Revlon’s “Live Boldly” partnership with Gal Gadot. With such an established brand adding its voice to beauty-as-empowerment messaging, the beauty industry seems to be shifting wholesale to “attainable” over “aspirational” brand ambassadors.