Mercedes-Benz launched a social media campaign for its new A-Class vehicle on Monday that offers to make consumer dreams come true. Aimed at millennial users, the “Bucket List” campaign includes video content from online influencers and highlights the new car’s voice command features.

From October 15 to November 9, Instagram users can share their personal bucket lists using a template found on Mercedes’ story highlights and the hashtag #AClassBucketListEntry. Users are encouraged to dream big or small, from finding the perfect slice of pizza to seeing the Northern Lights or climbing a rock face.

The “Bucket List” campaign will be supported with video content from tennis player Sloane Stephens and singer/songwriter Charli XCX, who will share and accomplish items from their own bucket lists on social media.

“As a mass-reach effort, we’re excited for this campaign to hit a large group of people that love sharing their experiences on Instagram and have enjoyed seeing influencers travel to the world’s most iconic or hidden places,” Mark Aikman, general manager of marketing services for Mercedes-Benz USA told AList.We have never seen a campaign of this scale activated using Instagram Stories and are thrilled to be leaders in the space.”

Mercedes-Benz plans to highlight the voice technology and lower price point of its 2019 A-Class to attract a young demographic. The A-Class will be the first car to debut a Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) interface, responding to a driver’s voice commands and learning their preferences. MBUX touts natural voice recognition such as “I’m cold” to turn up the heat.

The legacy car brand hopes that its modern technology and Instagram presence will resonate with millennial drivers, who value features over body style.

According to a 2017 study by Autotrader, consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 are willing to pay more for the technology they want. In fact, 55 percent of millennial drivers expect to spend an additional $2,600 to get desired tech feature

Despite what rideshare companies may want you to believe, young consumers are, in fact, buying vehicles. By 2020, millennials will represent roughly 40 percent of new-car purchases, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

Mercedes-Benz is an early adopter of new technology and media platforms and has shown that it is not afraid to get cozy with its target audiences. In August, the brand produced its first spot for IGTV—a short film called Bertha Benz: The First Driver.