Taco Bell Canada promoted its Triple Double Crunchwrap this holiday by offering CrunchWrapping Paper—five sheets of wrapping paper made to look like the meal’s components. Much like its fellow Yum! Brand KFC, Taco Bell leverages its own sense of humor to appeal to consumers amid a competitive quick-service market.

CrunchWrapping Paper launched on Amazon Canada beginning on Cyber Monday (November 26) and quickly sold out. Shoppers received five macro photo sheets, each depicting a different layer of the Crunchwrap.

“Each CrunchWrapping paper set comes with five macro photo sheets of the Crunchwrap’s tasty layers. This includes seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, crunchy tostada, the tortilla, and of course the veggies: lettuce, tomato and sour cream,” the press release states.

By the time it sold out, CrunchWrapping Paper reached #16 on the list of Amazon Canada’s Best Sellers. At just $4.00 CAD, Taco Bell wasn’t out to get rich, but to get customers talking.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a social influencer or just an average fan, we want to become the next-level word of mouth,” Jacquie Kostuk, lead social strategist for Taco Bell Canada’s agency Grip Limited told PSFK. “What really matters to us is what they’re saying person to person.”

For its holiday campaign, Taco Bell embraced its silly side, tapping into young consumers’ love of memes and outlandish collectibles.

Last year, the franchise partnered with Forever 21 to launch a menu-inspired line of clothing, including a shirt that looks like a hot sauce packet. While the wacky promotions don’t roll out nearly as often as KFC, Taco Bell has released a steady stream of campaigns from a fake movie trailer to wedding ceremonies.

Snapchat users were able to transform themselves into a Taco person for Cinco de Mayo 2016, bringing in 224 million views in one day and setting a new record for the platform.

Founded in California, Taco Bell has set its sights on world domination. The brand has over 400 brands outside the US and plans to add approximately 2,350 new restaurants worldwide by 2022. At least 100 of those restaurants is planned for Canada.