Hungry for marketing data? This week, we’ve got you covered with some tasty tidbits.

Less Than 20 Percent Of Marketers Are Prepared For Digital Challenges

When Adobe surveyed 735 digital marketing pros in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, only 19 percent said their organizations were equipped to face current and future digital challenges. 51 percent plan to invest in mobile technology over the next 12 months, however. When it comes to having a strong web presence, 53 percent of survey respondents said their organizations have responsive mobile site designs, 50 percent have mobile apps, 34 percent have adaptive mobile websites, 30 percent have dedicated mobile sites and 9 percent said they currently have none of those things.

Bank Of America Scores A Touchdown

Twitter is trying its hand at football livestreaming this season, which turned out to be a huge success for ad sponsor Bank of America. While the stream resulted in 243,000 viewers per minute, compared to 15.4 million people who watched on NFL Network and CBS, Bank of America’s ads during the game had a 98 percent completion rate on the platform.

People Get A Whole Lot Done On Mobile

TwitterNinety-eight percent, to be exact. According to a survey conducted by Google, mobile users use search throughout the day to research, particularly for purchases. “In fact, 70 percent of smartphone owners who bought something in a store first turned to their devices for information relevant to that purchase,” Google reported. “And when people search on mobile, it tends to lead to action: 92 percent of those who searched on their phone made a related purchase.”

Twitter Users Interact With Brands

In Twitter’s annual Online Video Playbook, the social media company reported that 82 percent of users interact with brands on Twitter. Additionally, research found that video ads in Twitter feeds are twice as memorable than when found elsewhere. Millennials surveyed felt that Twitter video ads were more relevant to them.

Branded Content Leads To Higher Brand Recall

A new joint study from IPG MediaLab, Forbes and Syracuse University’s Newhouse School resulted in some interesting nuggets of marketing joy about branded content, including the fact that brand recall is 59 percent higher for branded content than display and native ads. Also, consumers are 14 percent more likely to look for additional content from a company after a single impression of branded content.

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Ads Are Improving, But Still Being Blocked

Adobe compiled data from 800 billion North American web visits from January 2013 to June 2016 and a survey of more than 1,000 US consumers in August 2016, the authors said. While 38 percent of US respondents said they believed the ad experience online had gotten better in the past two years and 68 percent said it was either improving or at least not getting any worse, the proportion of people running ad blockers continued to grow. Desktop ad blockers have increased 400 percent since January 2013 to 220 million.

75 Percent Of Programmatic Display Ads Will Be Mobile By 2017

This year, mobile programmatic ad spending will grow 65.7 percent to $17.70, far exceeding desktop spending levels, according to eMarketer. Programmatic this year will represent 73 percent of all display ad spending in the US and is estimated to reach 75 percent by next year.

Retailers See High Return From Facebook And Instagram

According to the according to the annual State of Retailing Online 2016: Marketing and Merchandising report, conducted by National Retail Federation and Forrester, social media has become a major seller for online retailers. When it comes to paid social media, 68 percent of retailers surveyed say they were seeing increased conversion from their paid Facebook efforts and 40 percent claim the same from paid Instagram efforts.