Busch has teamed up the National Forest Foundation for a beer giveaway that encourages consumers to explore—and conserve—nature. The social media campaign taps into Busch’s long-standing brand message of drinking beer in the forest with cause marketing to preserve wildlife.

“We at Busch know America would be a very different place without our national forests, so we’re doing our part to ensure these lands stay healthy and vibrant for generations to come,” the company says on its website.

Twitter users can receive a clue every hour on Tuesday from the official Busch and National Forest Foundation accounts, then head into a national forest to find one of six trees marked with a medallion. Taking a photo of one of the trees prompts a video with instructions on how to enter. Winners will receive free beer for a year.

The first clue prompts users to zoom in to find GPS coordinates. While the clue wasn’t difficult to find, it will be up to eagle-eyed and quick-acting participants to get to the tree before anyone else. Just to make things more interesting, only one of the trees will be a winner.

Busch has also introduced a limited edition can and will share proceeds with the National Forest Foundation. A portion of each specially-marked Outdoors pack of beer purchased through December 31 will go toward planting trees, with a goal of donating $175,000.

An ad has been placed on YouTube about the partnership and encourages users not to skip it. If they watch the entire 30-second ad, Anheuser-Busch will donate $1 to the National Forest Foundation.

Nature has always been a part of Busch marketing since in 1970s. In each of the ads, a flannel-wearing mountain man pulls cans of Busch beer out of a cold stream and opens one, releasing a long “Buschhhhhhh” sound that echoes throughout the wilderness. Anheuser-Busch reimagined its classic mountain man ad and aired it during Super Bowl 51 along with another fan favorite, Spuds Mackenzie.