Snaps is a mobile messaging platform that connects top Fortune 1000 companies to cell phone obsessed consumers through Facebook chatbots, Apple iMessage apps, branded keyboard emoji and stickers. Christian Brucculeri, CEO of Snaps, told [a]listdaily that Snaps has evolved greatly over time, but at its core, Snaps allows consumers to engage with their favorite brands in a completely native way.

“Our language is increasingly visual, and Snaps saw a great opportunity presented by the possibility of encouraging visual communications in a new and exciting way,” Brucculeri said. “Snaps was the first and is the leading platform for branded emoji keyboards and stickers. We work with the major Fortune 1000s—Pepsi, Starbucks, Burger King, Coach, McDonald’s, Sephora, Dove and over 100 more. We launched a dozen clients on iMessage alongside Apple. We also are a leader in chatbots. We’re constantly looking at what’s next and honing in on it.”

Brucculeri said that with 257 billion conversations taking place on mobile every day, brands need to be on the cusp of the latest trends rather than passively waiting for consumers to come to them. “Millennials seek brands with personalities. They want to identify with brands,” Brucculeri said.For example, are you an Apple or a PC? Snaps’ branded emoji and chatbots give brands a voice and an image.”

Brucculeri said people are emoting via image, and they can do so instantly. A text message takes seconds, and a chatbot answers faster than humans can, and can work 24/7. “iMessage specifically has opened up the doors for branded keyboard emoji and stickers,” Brucculeri said. “Brands are able to present images with little to no friction for the user. Furthermore, these new iMessage apps allow for higher engagement than ever before. Users can collaborate, create and even order via iMessage.”

Coach, Marriott Rewards, Burger King, L’Oréal USA, Toyota, Dove, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nickelodeon’s The Splat, Sephora, and ‘Iris Meets I.N.C.’ by I.N.C. International Concepts for Macy’s are working with Snaps to connect with millennials through iMessage.

The company worked with actor Kevin Hart’s production team HartBeat Digital to launch KEVMOJI, which includes a keyboard with emoji, stickers, GIFs, and sound paired with an iMessage sticker pack. The KEVMOJI iMessage app allows fans to drag-and-drop static and animated stickers over the top of messages and photos right within the iMessage experience to add some comedy to the conversation.

In addition to sticker packs, Snaps has rolled out a never-before-seen collaborative feature for Coach’s Coachmoji application. The iMessage app allows users to curate a completely personalized look, which includes dresses, purses and accessories. The user can then share and collaborate on the looks with friends all within iMessage, and save the looks for future sharing.

Snaps worked with Marriott Rewards and L’Oreal USA and other client partners to design and launch sticker pack experiences for these digitally focused brands. These sticker packs allow users to dress up their text for life’s biggest moments, whether it’s getting dressed up to go out with friends or preparing for your next trip, these sticker packs make it easy to share that sentiment in iMessage.

“We’re still collecting those numbers (iMessage launched September 13) but, as a hint, within 10 days our clients who launched with iMessage had already totaled 10 million impressions,” Brucculeri said.

Dove’s #LoveYourCurls emoji campaign showed incredible results in the first 60 days—with 10.1 million impressions, 2.76 million shares and a 278 percent increase in purchases. This campaign was prior to the launch of iMessage apps, which Brucculeri said would have increased engagement even more.

Apple has created an iMessage store that is specifically for emoji and stickers,” Brucculeri said. “Facebook chatbots are launching left and right. We are seeing rapid growth in engagement on all of these platforms and are so excited about what’s to come.”

Messenger has over 900 million monthly active users who can experience GIFs, videos, sound, and files that can be distributed within a brand chat. Brucculeri said chatbots make the perfect distribution method for sharing your latest content with your audience in a personalized, conversational setting.

Bud Light recently launched the #MyTeamCan Beer Delivery Bot with Snaps on Facebook Messenger, which allows fans to have beer delivered to their home within an hour. Hollywood studios have also been eager to be where younger audiences are connecting with friends.

“We have worked with Fox, Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon to bring fun, native, and sharable content to their tech-savvy fan base,” Brucculeri said. “Fans of these franchises are passionate and actively seeking ways to insert their favorite shows into their vernacular. It makes the perfect recipe and we had really successful branded keyboards with all of them.”