Soulmates.AI proudly announces its latest a.EMVI (Earned Media Value Index) Monthly Report to help brands, agencies and others in the marketing industry see the latest trends in earned media value.

The a.EMVI takes on one of the most elusive questions of modern-day marketing: How valuable are my efforts on social media? Our Index is the industry standard for judging the earned media value of the likes, comments and shares from on social media platforms. The Index provides actual dollar values for interactions and engagements on social media, providing baselines value for the industry to use for comparison and reporting.

While these baseline values (based on our full cross-section of research) are available for each social media network, this month we are highlighting the consumer electronics industry and using our Vertical values, which are available as a premium. These values are based on isolated, industry-specific research to offer the most precise reporting available.

The monthly report spotlights the industry’s earned media frontrunners. This invaluable tool gives a monetary value to the monthly efforts of earned media from these brands:

  • Google leads the pack with $155,841.91
  • Microsoft comes second with $45,601.84
  • ASUS very close behind with $43,714.45
  • Intel comes in strong with $21,340.04
  • IBM finishes off the leaders with $15,069.43

The report also provides a breakdown of which brands are the most influential on each major social platform.

  • Instagram creates a huge market for Google, which brings in $99,895.08
  • Facebook shows to be a big stage for ASUS, earning $19,118.57
  • Twitter also shows how influential Google is, reaching $30,700.58
  • YouTube, although small, provides a platform for Google which is earning $20,211.70

The a.EMVI Monthly Report offers just a glimpse at the utility of the a.EMVI. For more details on using the a.EMVI to help track your social media and gain the exceptional insight it brings, sign up for our monthly newsletter so you won’t miss our trend reports.

To learn more about our methodology, check out our complimentary white paper here.

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