Consumers are naturally more interested in mobile video ads that feature a call to action (CTA), IAB found in a new study. This extra thought and attention, they asserted, lays the groundwork for a direct relationship with consumers.

The Interactive Effect: CTAs in Mobile Video Shoppable Ads” included 70 participants from the Austin and Chicago areas. Respondents were allowed to choose from a variety of short film video content to watch, during which they were exposed to various ads. IAB used biometrics, eye-tracking and surveys to gauge interest both on the conscious and subconscious levels.

The biggest takeaway from IAB’s lab study was that consumers are naturally more interested in ads that feature a “Learn More” call to action prompt. Four types of CTAs were tested—Learn More, Shop Now, Sweepstakes and no CTA as a control.

Ads that invited users to learn more received more interaction and were considered to be of higher quality by study participants. These ads also yielded higher purchase intent than other categories—67 percent, compared to 62 percent of ads with no CTA. Based on heart rate, attention increased after interacting with Learn More ads. While engagement increased upon first exposure to all types of ads, it continues to be active much longer for those that offer additional information.

Shoppable ads showed promise, IAB observed, noting that consumers liked the concept of shopping inside the ads themselves. Among a series of “agree or disagree” statements, the most popular was, “I like the convenience of choosing to get more information about a product advertised without leaving the page,” followed by “It’s convenient to be able to buy directly from an ad.”

Since respondents were able to choose which content they viewed, no ad targeting was used in this study. However, a combination of shoppable ads with focused efforts could prove beneficial.

“These findings indicate that customers note the ability to shop or learn more right from the onset,” said Sue Hogan, senior vice president of research and measurement at IAB. “The great promise for shoppable ads, then, is not only the immediate ability to capture sales but also in smart retargeting.”