Yearning For M-rating, Australia Gamers Welcome New MP

The game industry is getting a welcome feeling in Australia after the country saw its anti-mature game attorney-general give up his post to a much more favorable candidate. Australia news site reports (via Edge-Online) that John Rau, the new MP taking over as South Australian Attorney-General, has already made statements that he s amenable to introducing a mature game rating in the country. Rau replaced Michael Atkinson, a staunch opponent of mature game content who had denied classification for titles such as EA’s “Left 4 Dead 2” and Sega’s “Alien vs. Predator,” and in recent months faced challenges from game makers and retailers. Atkinson stepped down from his post despite winning his most recent election, citing personal reasons. The report from says Chris Prior, game industry advocate and president of pro-mature rating lobbying group Gamers4Croydon, spoke to Rau about the issue shortly after he replaced Atkinson. Prior said that Rau called the lack of a mature rating for games absurd and said he thinks extending Australia’s R18+ film rating to mature games is common sense. Australia’s attorneys-general are preparing to take up the issue at their next meeting in late April. Read more at

Ogling This Week’s Ad Age Viral Video chart

Ad Age lists the top 10 viral videos for the week of March 15 based on viewer tracking by online video firm Visible Measures.


Of this week s four new entries, three broke into the top five. Ad Age says Doritos seems to have a working formula for viral videos, placing its second number one on the chart in two months with a video promoting a contest in Canada that drew more than 2.3 million views. The winning formula here could be the scary puppet. A little further down at number three, Sony s long-form ad for PlayStation Move that took a few stealthy swipes at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 motion controller debuted on the chart with nearly 1 million views. It’s worth noting Microsoft’s Natal video is still on the chart at number nine with about 460,000 views, its 39th week on Ad Age’s top ten. The remaining new entries are two hilarious college humor themed virals. Muscle Milk’s take on spring break was the fourth most viewed on the chart with about 866,000 views, and Capital One’s long video spoofing a March Madness Cinderella story entered at number six with 530,000 views.  Check out the full list and watch the videos at Ad Age.

Of Sports games And Gamer Culture

Writing for AOL Sports blog Fanhouse, Jon Weinbach interviews EA Sports boss Peter Moore.  The pair touch on EA titles and sports games in general.  It s a window into just how entrenched EA is in licensed sports games.  Read it at Fanhouse.

Ghost Recon Sequel Teaser

Ubisoft lifts the cloak just a little further off of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, showing how the title blends modern and futuristic warfare in this trailer. The full FMV trailer is packed with feature film quality special effects, perhaps another harbinger of Ubisoft’s stated filmmaking aspirations. Watch it at Joystiq.

Red Or Blue Pill

The World Wildlife Fund is promoting Earth Hour with this nifty online video. As AdFreak describes it, it s essentially two videos in one that respond to the amount of light input from a web cam to show either a light or a dark version. For anyone without a web cam, AdFreak points to a version on YouTube that users can manipulate manually. Check it out at AdFreak.

Making Money On Facebook Games

Writing for Social Times, Nick O Neill describes the Facebook game revenue model as a smaller version of the movie industry. He outlines the basic economics of Facebook games based on Playdom CEO John Pleasants’ keynote delivered last week at South by Southwest. Read it at Social Times.