Beyond Good & Evil Goes HD

Beyond Good & Evil is a cult classic regarded much more highly than its initial sales would suggest. The whimsical but serious game dealt with conspiracy theories and modern politics while showing the power of the press… and it’s getting an HD remake.

This new version for PSN and Xbox Live will feature 1080p visuals, enhanced character models and textures and a re-mastered soundtrack. There will also be support for leaderboards along with achievements/trophies.

Beyond Good & Evil HD will release in 2011.

Source: IGN

Apple TV Spills Guts

The Apple TV has released, and its contents are impressing tech heads for its $99 price. It has a 8GB NAND Flash chip, Wi-Fi capabilities from Panasonic with a Broadcom 8092.11 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM chip and 256MB of RAM.

The device’s power supply has a rating of 3.4V @ 1.75A, or 5.95 watts. “The ease of repairing this device, integrated high-efficiency power supply, low 6-watt power consumption, and efficient stand-by mode lead us to believe this may be the most eco-friendly set-top box of all time,” noted a review of the hardware.

Source: iFixit