Microsoft Prepping Windows App Store

The way you shop for applications on Microsoft devices could be changing with the next go-around of system introductions.

The company has announced that it will combine both its Windows Phone Store and general Windows Store into one single app offering, similar to what Apple did with its own App Store years ago. According to The Verge, Microsoft’s head of operating systems Terry Myerson confirmed the move during an internal company meeting, committed to the “next releases” of the Windows and Windows Phone. This will take place through special 8.1 updates for both OSes which are expected in spring 2014.

It’s unknown just how the Windows store will operate, but you can expect it to be convenient when it comes to looking up apps and services for the devices. No word yet if Microsoft is planning something similar for its Xbox One console, though its Dashboard doesn’t look too shabby at the moment.

Source: The Verge

Buying Out The App Store

With hundreds of thousands of apps to browse through in the App Store, there are only a select few that you can store on your iPad or iPhone at any given time. However, if you had free reign over money and could buy them all, just how much cash would you need?

GigaOm posed the question in a recent report, and did the research to see just how much it would take to buy every app available through the App Store. With more than 760,000 apps available – compared to how it was just 50,000 under six years ago – you would need a staggering $1.13 million to buy them all.

The report also breaks down each category for the apps, with education leading the charge, as $173,446.87 is needed to acquire all those apps. Games take a close second with $107,821.75, while books sits in third with just under $100K. The Games category, with 60,000 apps, has the cheapest apps on average at $1.69, but it also generates more revenue than any other category.

Source: GigaOm