New Update For PlayStation 4

Sony has provided the PlayStation 4 with one of its most anticipated updates to date, providing a number of features that casual and hardcore gamers alike will appreciate.

The update includes a number of additions, including a new ShareFactory mode, where gamers can customize their gameplay videos however they please, including visual effects and video commentary. They can then be shared either to Facebook, or stored on a USB device for later play.

Other features included in the update include automatic pre-download of new games, the option to disable HDCP for longer gameplay video captures, live broadcasting in HD and controller options, including one that allows the dimming of the “light bar” featured on the DualShock 4 controller.

The update is available now, and free of charge.

Source: BGR

Mobile Game Sequels Less Loved

Mobile games continue to be on the rise, but when it comes to sequels, while they may be popular, they aren’t entirely as successful as the originals – at least, according to a new report from Apptentive.

The website recently looked at ten popular mobile games and their respective sequels, measuring them with a “Love Score” to see how much less fans appreciated them compared to the originals. Titles such as Plants vs. Zombies 2, Where’s My Water 2, Temple Run 2 and Infinity Blade II were examined in the report.

The shows show slight to large drops, depending on the game. The difference between the Infinity Blade and its follow-up, for example, is a mere two points less in “Love Score”. Meanwhile, Where’s My Water 2, which included a pay-to-play system at first before a patch made it more accessible, suffered a bigger drop, with the original earning 69 points compared to its lowly 48 points.

Not all sequels dropped on the meter, however. Galaxy On Fire II showed more love received by fans, at 68 points compared to the original’s 61. Real Racing 2 also saw a boost over the original by three points.

Source: Apptentive

‘Mario Kart 8’ Bundle U.S. Bound

Following the announcement of European related bundles, Nintendo of America has confirmed that it will launch its own system package for Mario Kart 8 next month.

The bundle will arrive on May 30th, the same day that the game releases in stores and on the Nintendo eShop, and will include a 32 GB Wii U system, a Mario Kart 8 game, and a special edition red Mario Wii Remote Plus controller, as well as a red Wii Wheel peripheral. The price is set for $329.99.

As a bonus, those who buy either the bundle or the game will be eligible to receive a free digital title, from a choice of four. Those customers who register their copy of Mario Kart 8 before July 31 will receive a free downloadable game, selecting from Wii Party U, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3 or New Super Mario Bros. U.

Source: Polygon

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Director Selected?

Assassin’s Creed has made quite a killing in the game industry, with over 73 million units sold. Now, Ubisoft may be prepared to do the same for the upcoming film adaptation.

A report from Deadline indicates that Justin Kurzel, who previously worked on Macbeth, may be in line to direct the movie. A solid deal hasn’t been reached yet, but it’s looking very likely, as Michael Fassbender (who will appear in the film, pictured above) has worked with Kurzel before on Macbeth.

More details on the film are expected over the next few months, possibly coinciding with the announcement of two new Assassin’s Creed games for later this year.

Source: Dualshockers