THQ Announces Homefront Promotion For GDC

THQ has announced a “Defend Your Homefront” rally that will take place March 2 at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. during GDC. Speakers will include Dr. William Forstchen who will talk about the potential danger of EMP blasts and former CIO officer Tae Kim will discuss the timeline of the Homefront universe. The event will end with a free live performance by metal core The Dillinger Escape Plan.

“As one of the most strategically important cities to the Greater Korean Republic in Homefront, San Francisco is the perfect place for fans to participate in our rally,” said Tyrone Miller, Director Public Relations, THQ. “We look forward to sharing the future history detailed in Homefront while educating and entertaining fans with thought provoking presentations and an energetic performance from The Dillinger Escape Plan.”

Ravenstone Fair Has 10 Million Players, Expansion Planned

LOLapps has announced that they will be releasing Ravenstone Mine, an expansion to their Ravenstone Fair. The social game designed in part by John Romero has already accumulated 10 million monthly active users.

“We are using a traditional strategy in games,” said Arjun Sethi, chief executive of San Francisco-based LOLapps, in an interview. “Instead of focusing on how much money we can make from a user, we are focusing on how long we can hang on to that user. Here s a new world that interacts with the one the user has been spending a lot of time in.”

Source: VentureBeat

iPad 2 Announcement Expected March 2

Apple has announced that they are holding a press event on March 2 in San Francisco. It is widely believed that this event will officially unveil the iPad 2.

The iPad has sold nearly 15 million units across the world. The iPad 2 is expected to be thinner than the first iPad with a better display, a front-facing camera and Facetime video chat support.

Source: All Things Digital

Bulletstorm: Michael Capps Wades Into Controversy

Bulletstorm has attracted some attention for its bevy of mature content and kill with skill system. Michael Capps, president of Epic Games, is taking it all in stride.

“Bulletstorm has been definitely getting some attention in the press for being a violent game. It s got more descriptors on the back of the box in the rating than I think any other video game has,” said Capps. “But that s the whole point. There are descriptors on the back of the box where we say very clearly, ‘Yeah, there’s alcohol use in this game.’ If you don’t want to play a video game with alcohol use or if you don t want your kids to, you shouldn t get this game for them. And that s absolutely fine, right It s just like the movie industry, except honestly, we give more detail than the movie industry does. It s a game for adults. It s got a big M on the front. It s a Mature game, but it s a goofy, silly, 26th century romp while you re killing space cannibals. That s what it s about and it s a lot of fun.”

“We’ve gotten some criticism from the traditional press that maybe isn’t as informed on video games, he added. We talked about how do we defend ourselves, but we haven t had to because the gaming press and other game development studios have been standing up for us and saying, ‘Hey guys, it s a Mature game. They ve told you it was, it s fun as heck, what s the problem ‘ And that’s great.”


Gameloft Porting Games To Optimus 3D

LG’s upcoming Optimus 3D will be a smartphone capable of 3D images without the use of glasses, just like the Nintendo 3DS. While it obviously won’t carry Nintendo games, it will have a partnership with prolific mobile publisher Gameloft.

Gameloft will release N.O.V.A., Asphalt 6, and Let’s Golf 2 for the Optimus device in 3D. The games will be pre-installed on the phone, and will have 3D tuners built into the software.


Justin Bieber’s Final Justice

It seems like you can’t turn around these days without running into Justin Bieber, whether it’s performing on the Grammy’s, getting the MVP at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game… or appearing in CSI. Clearly showing he has a sense of humor, here are his final moments as a villain on the popular cop show.

{video link no longer active}


Mass Effect 2 PS3 Patch Hints At New DLC

Back before Mass Effect 2 on PS3 released, BioWare confirmed that there would be another piece of DLC before Mass Effect 3 launched. Now, an update for the game has revealed three new trophies that will go along with an unannounced DLC called Arrival.

The trophies for Arrival are:

“The Ultimate Sacrifice” – Complete the Arrival DLC.
“Last Stand” – Survive all five waves in the battle for Object Rho
“Covert Action” – Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention.

Who is Dr. Amanda Kenson, you might ask It turns out that the good doctor was mentioned in a Cerberus Network news post as someone who had scientific proof that the mass effect relays that allow for faster-than-light travel were older than 50,000 years, suggesting a race or presence that long predated that.

Additionally, this patch for the PS3 version fixed a lot of notable bugs. This includes better loading times, a fixed picture frame reflecting choices in the Mass Effect: Genesis comic and the infamous memory fragmentation crash that corrupted save games.

Amazon Prime Offers Streaming Video

Amazon has announced that it will offer a streaming video service for Amazon Prime subscribers. These 5,000 movies and TV shows available for all Prime customers at no extra cost represents a shot across the bow for Netflix; they purchased European Netflix equivalent LoveFilm for $200 million recently.

Amazon Prime’s main purpose is to offer free two-day shipping for $79 a year. This new video stream service will be coming to Roku streaming devices, with Google TV devices, smart televisions and some Android mobile devices likely to follow.

Source: VentureBeat