Maintain The Drones Using Obilivion Mobile App

The year is 2073 and the Earth is almost completely destroyed after decades of an alien nuclear war. These enemy aliens are trying to gather enough firepower to take down the mechanical harvesters that are collecting the planet’s resources for the surviving human race. Your mission is to maintain the Drones that protect the harvesters.

The official mobile app for the movie starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman is now available for both:


The enemy has managed to shoot down several Drones. If they collect the fuel cells from any Drones, your mission will be jeopardized.


Patrol the zone in your ship high above the desolate remains of New York. Avoid being shot down and stay clear of the radiation outside of your zone.





Dell Inc. Sees Two More Bids

Two New York investment groups have submitted bids for Dell Inc. The offers from Blackstone Group and Carl Icahn could be higher than the current bid for the company.

Dell’s board of directors disclosed the bids and said it will study both proposals and negotiate with both potential buyers. Blackstone Group, a New York-based private equity firm, submitted a bid of $14.25 a share while Icahn Enterprises, headed by high-profile investor Carl Icahn, submitted a bid for $15 a share.

Company founder and CEO Michael Dell in partnership with Silver Lake Partners filed a bid Dell approved conditionally on February 5. That bid was for $13.65 a share and was valued at $24.4 billion.

Since both deals could be superior to the original buyout proposal, the special committee made up of Dell’s independent board members said it will negotiate with both parties. Michael Dell has indicating he is willing to work with third-parties on acquisition proposals.

The new bids came at the end of the 45-day “go-shop” period that expired Saturday morning. The competing bids will please some shareholders, some of whom said they thought Dell’s original undervalued the computer maker.

Michael Dell sought to take the company private in order to speed its transformation into a more broadly based IT company that is less dependent on sales of PCs. Dell Inc. employs more than 100,000 people worldwide.


Microsoft Hires U.S. Sales And Marketing Head

Judson Althoff has been named Microsoft’s president of North America sales and marketing and corporate VP, a job he will start March 29. He’s a veteran of 14 years at Oracle, where he carry the title of senior VP of worldwide alliances and channels and embedded sales.

“Judson has a track record of successfully developing, growing and leading global sales organizations with a culture of execution excellence,” said Microsoft COO Kevin Turner. “Judson’s proven leadership will enable us to continue to excel in delivering the best devices and services experience to our customers including businesses and consumers.”

Zynga Hires VP Of Finance As CIO Departs

Atul Bagga has been hired by Zynga to be VP of finance. The Lazard Capital Markets veteran, who covered video games and online companies, will report to CFO Mark Vranesh.

It was also announced that CIO Debra Chrapaty has left Zynga to become the CEO of the cloud storage company Nirvanix. The former corporate VP at Microsoft will be replaced by current Zynga employee Dorion Carroll.

“We thank Debra for her leadership and contributions to Zynga over the past years and wish her luck in her future endeavors,” said Zynga COO David Ko. “As one of our Zynga Fellows, Dorion has provided direction, leadership and management across numerous technology and products teams at Zynga over the past three years as well as being one of our most senior technology leaders.”

Source: AllThingsD

Payday Movie Video Denounced By Starbreeze

A video featuring the Overkill Software studio and the Payday game franchise has made the rounds on the Internet, sparking controversy over what some say is a sexist tone. The video, featuring Top Model Sweden contestants Angner Sophie and Nina Strauss, has been denounced and put in context by Bo Andersson, CEO of Starbreeze which acquired Overkill last year.

“The YouTube piece that was spread today was an external pitch made to us (amongst many) almost nine months ago,” said Andersson. “It was related to the potential Payday movie and not game. We did not design it or distribute it. Part was shot in our office but then cut externally. We felt it did not portray our values as a company in any way after seeing the final cut. Therefore it was rejected some 9 months ago. Unfortunately it ended up on the internet as part of someone’s CV (outside of our company).””We have never as a company depicted women this way nor shall we in the future,” he added.


Source: GamesIndustry International

Gaming Industry Leads At Retail Enforcement Of Age Restrictions: FTC Study

A study by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that game retailers are both the strictest and most effective among entertainment retailers in enforcing age rating policies. Their undercover shopper survey found that 87 percent of attempted purchases of Mature-rated games by children under the age of 17 were prevented.

“The ESRB is the gold standard in entertainment ratings. The ESRB and its retail partners deserve thanks and praise for their outstanding work in empowering and helping parents,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association. “This is the fourth report that has video game retailers performing the best in this important category. We have an unparalleled commitment to working with parents and retailers, and will continue to help ensure that this remarkable level of enforcement remains high.”

“We applaud video game retailers for once again demonstrating our industry’s ongoing commitment to parents,” said ESRB president Patricia Vance. “Enforcement of video game sales policies continues to be substantially higher than that for any other entertainment industry. This success is due in part to retail partnership programs like the ESRB Retail Council, through which we regularly conduct our own mystery shops to help retailers maintain a high level of store policy enforcement. We will continue these responsible efforts with unwavering dedication to serving parents.”

Read more about the ESRB mobile rating system in this exclusive [a]list interview.

Use The Force And Decide Who Would Win

This Is Madness is’s official tournament to decide the galaxy’s most popular Star Wars character. Cast your votes and come back every day for new matchups and results. Be sure to visit on Tuesday, April 9 to see who wins! At the time of filing this story, Jabba the Hut, Han Solo and Darth Vader have already trounced their respective matchups Salacious Crumb, Lando Calrissian and General Grevious. Don’t forget to both for both the light side and the dark side!


Blizzard Announces Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment has announced Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The free-to-play CCG strategy title will focus on creating decks based around the character classes of World of Warcraft, with a beta for the iPad and PC cross-platform title expected by Summer 2013.

“We’ve always loved collectible card games at Blizzard, so it’s been exciting to bring everything we love about the genre to life in Hearthstone,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re putting a lot of focus into creating a fun new game that’s easy to pick up and play, but also has a lot of depth. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Kickstarter Game Funding Over $100 Million

Kickstarter has revealed that games have received over $109.45 million in funding. This comes from nearly 4,700 gaming projects, with 1,481 having met their goals, resulting in over $90 million in delivered pledges.

Gaming has also seen the largest amount of projects raising seven figures, as 13 of the 22 projects to raise over $1 million have been in the games section. 2012 saw over $83.14 million raised in pledged funding for gaming, and 2013 has already seen over with $22.42 million in pledges to date.


Elder Scrolls IP ‘Cuts Through The Noise’

There are lots of established game franchises in the MMO space, like World of Warcraft and EverQuest, and plenty of famous IP outside of games that have attempted to break into the space with varying degrees of success, like Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Star Wars. However, Elder Scrolls Online game director Matt Firor believes that the IP he’s working on will be more than enough to drum up attention.

“It is a crowded space, but this is Elder Scrolls,” said Firor. “One of things of having a huge IP like Elder Scrolls is it cuts through the noise. It’s safe to say – looking at the lines for people to play – that everyone knows about it. That is the first step to getting a lot of people into the game. Part of the crowded landscape is it’s hard to get your message out there. When you say ‘Elder Scrolls‘, we don’t have a problem getting the message out, which helps us immensely.”

Elder Scrolls is definitely a quality target, but everything it brings with it intrinsically is almost perfectly suited for an MMO. Giant open world, lots of cool classes, lots of history and depth, the cool combat system that you just experienced. That came from Elder Scrolls. That by far outweighs the expectations of the crowd who hear Elder Scrolls and want to come in. We want to make it meet their expectations,” he explained. “We know we have Elder Scrolls players and MMO players that are interested. Skyrim and Elder Scrolls players won’t have problems adapting to the system; it’s very similar. If you’ve never played an Elder Scrolls game, you’re going to need to wrap your brain around it.”

Source: GamesIndustry International