AListDaily’s 10 Under 10

You’ve seen Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list every year. We at AListDaily think that’s not a challenging enough age bar—who hasn’t rewritten the rules of brand engagement by age 30?

Rather than highlight the passé achievements of the last generation, we choose to look forward at the bold, fresh-faced innovators of generations to come—just in time for our annual April 1 innovators report. With no further ado, we present: the AListDaily 10 Under 10.

Timmy Thompson, 8

Cofounder, Timmy’s Lemonade Stand 25 Cents For A Cup Delicious!!!

With the help of angel investors Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Timmy Thompson launched an innovative startup that quickly became the leading lemonade stand on Ocean Breeze Avenue in Toledo, OH. Through savvy marketing efforts like “Operation Throw Water Balloons At Angela’s Lemonade Stand” and “Guilt Mom’s Coworkers Into Buying A Cup Apiece,” Timmy Thompson’s business easily beat out its competition in a crowded marketplace.

Abigail Smith, 5


Always bold, Abigail Smith broke into the cutthroat automobile marketing scene with an innovative, personalized approach to direct-to-consumer sales, putting Mom’s 2013 Toyota Camry up for sale on eBay. Though questions remain as to her platform’s scalability, a recent influx of $500 cash will allow for additional research into avenues for growth.

Jennifer Hudley, 9

Creative Director, Oak Lawn Episcopal Church Bake Sale Committee

Jennifer Hudley spearheaded poster design for her church’s bake sale, taking advantage of a bold, innovative impressionistic design. We don’t have the data to determine the direct influence of Hudley’s omnichannel marketing efforts on the bake sale’s revenue, but the Oak Lawn Episcopal Church reached its sales goals and that can’t be a coincidence, right?

Gregory Beck, 7

Chief Technology Officer, Beck family

Showed his dad how to sign up for Twitter, allowing the Beck family to achieve unprecedented organic reach to over 330 million online consumers.

Hannah Polau, 4

Founder, We’ll Put It Right Up On The Fridge Studios

Hannah Polau developed a bold, fresh, innovative new style of finger painting that will undoubtedly change the face of print advertising three months from now.

John Fibaracci, 6

Volunteer Brand Ambassador, LEGO

Developed an ultra-immersive pop-up experiential activation to promote Lego’s new product line to his family, by scattering loose Lego pieces around the house for Dad to step on by accident.

Emily Song, 7

Freelance Digital Evangelist

Founded a digital startup that uses the blockchain and augmented reality to disrupt out-of-home billboards. Received the first prize for perfect attendence at Little Angels Preschool two years running.

Jeremy Bentham, 6


Jeremy Bentham clicks on every banner ad he sees. Forrester attributes the continued survival of online media publications to Mr. Bentham’s tireless work.

Bethany Gutierrez, 9

Chief Marketing Officer, AListDaily

Bethany Gutierrez brainstormed, conceived, designed, produced and wrote AListDaily’s April Fools Day joke.

Annabel Johnson, 2


Annabel Johnson’s first recorded word was “programmatic.”