‘Chime’ In For Children’s Charity

UK-based game makers OneBigGame and Zoe Mode have released their charity game Chime, a downloadable puzzle game for Xbox Live and PC that is raising money for children’s causes.  The project had the support of popular musicians Moby, Phillip Glass and Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, all of whom provided music for the game for free.  Similar to other game industry charity drives such as Child’s Play, proceeds from sales of Chime go to help children in need of medical care.  Specifically, the project is helping raise funds for Save the Children and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Writing for WorthPlaying, Adam Pavlacka points out how, good karma aside, the game incentivizes people to download it by granting an immediate Xbox Live Achievement.  Read more about it at WorthPlaying.

Disney To Reenter ‘Black Hole’

The team responsible for Disney’s upcoming remake TRON Legacy is getting ready to tackle another retro project with the The Black Hole, reports Reuters.  TRON director Joseph Kosinski and producer Sean Bailey, along with screenwriter Travis Beacham, are pursuing a reinvention of the classic and colorful sci-fi film.  Reuters cites the original film, budgeted at $26 million, as Disney’s most expensive at the time of release and one that highlighted its special effects prowess.

Read more at Reuters {link no longer active}.

Bad Droid

A new online storefront called MiKandi is launching to offer pornography apps for Droid and other Google Android powered smart phones, reports CNET.  The store is working around a ban on adult fare in the Android Store, yet banking on app makers taking full advantage of Android’s open source platform.  Apple also has a ban on adult only apps in the iTunes store.  While Apple has open source development, it also has an approval mechanism that makes it impossible for MiKandi’s offerings to migrate over to iPhone and iPod Touch.

Read more at CNET.