Survey Finds Few Console Gamers Buy DLC

A survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates has found that few console gamers have purchased downloadable content, while nearly half are unaware that it exists. As reported by IGN, the research firm surveyed 800 people it identified as console gamers and found that only fifteen percent have purchased DLC. It also found 43 percent did not know that their consoles offered additional content through digital distribution.  The firm s president Mike Vorhaus told IGN that the those who aren t aware of DLC are usually playing consoles that don t promote it, pointing specifically to owners of Nintendo Wii and Sony s legacy system PlayStation 2. Read more at IGN.

EA Waxing Poetic For ‘Dante’s Inferno’

EA has partnered with Random House to promote Dante’s Inferno with a special edition of the literary classic that inspired the game. As reported in DigitalTrends, EA is working with the book publisher’s Del Ray Books subsidiary on a paperback edition of Dante’s Inferno.   Inferno is the first act in the Italian author s epic poem The Divine Comedy following the protagonist’s descent into hell, the same premise for EA’s game. DigitalTrends says the special edition reissue of the poem will include a forward by Jonathan Knight, executive producer of Dante’s Inferno at developer Visceral Games.

BioShock Developer Ditches 2K Studio Label

Take-Two s 2K Games development subsidiary and the studio behind game franchises System Shock and BioShock has reverted to its original name Irrational Games, reports GameInformer. The studio had been renamed 2K Boston after being acquired by Take-Two just prior to the release of its bestselling console game BioShock.   GameInformer says that despite the 2K label the studio continued to be referred to as formerly Irrational Games, tipping studio management off to the original name’s brand equity among gamers.  The outlet calls the move, which comes as the developer prepares to release the sequel to BioShock, as one rooted in the studio recommitting itself to fans. Read more at GameInformer.

‘De-Cloaking’ The Action In Star Trek

Atari and developer Cryptic up the ante in the new trailer for their massively multiplayer game Star Trek Online. Let Starfleet roam about the universe preaching peace and scanning away for new life forms. The game looks a lot more fun when you’re flying around in Klingon Warbirds pecking for a fight.


Watch it at GameTrailers.

Games And CES

Writing for GamePro, David Radd writes a brief piece looking at the role videogames have played at the Consumer Electronics Show. Radd talks to game industry people who attended to get insight on why games have a smaller presence. He includes a quick rundown of this year’s game-related highlights.


Read more at GamePro.

Study Shows Games Still Growing, And Growing Up

Writing for Adweek, Mark Dolliver breaks down a research report by Deloitte showing recent growth and trends in the game industry. Among findings are a surge in growth in US households that own game consoles and an audience that continues to skew older.  Dolliver says it shows that games are by no means a mature market consisting solely of immature consumers.  He offers loads of data from the firm’s study, which also looks ahead to trends in mobile gaming.



Hot On Live In 2009

Writing for Edge-Online, Tom Ivan provides data from Microsoft on the most popular Xbox 360 and PC content accessed in 2009 on its game nets. The lists include top Xbox 360 games played over Xbox Live, top PC games played over Windows Live, top legacy Xbox titles played over Xbox Live, Xbox Live Arcade bestsellers, and Xbox Live independent game bestsellers. Edge also includes a link to findings for Japan.


Check it out at Edge-Online.

NPD Forecasts 2010 Game Trends

NPD Group has provided a brief glimpse at game industry trends in 2010. As reported in Edge-Online, NPD analyst Anita Frazier has pointed to motion controlled games, digital distribution for PC games, and the continuing growth of mobile and social gaming as the trends to watch in the industry this year. Frazier called trends in mobile and social games the biggest issue of the year, with the impact of free and low-priced fare from the categories potentially putting price pressure on traditional game content. She called motion controllers for game consoles as another focal point for the industry in 2010. Sony has said its motion controller for PlayStation 3 will be out this spring, while Microsoft’s Natal controller for Xbox 360 is said to be slated for some time in the year. With PC games, Frazier said digital distribution will overtake retail sales as the platform sees big titles including new content from World of Warcraft maker Activision Blizzard.


Read more at Edge-Online.

Xbox 360 Has More Than Half-Life Left, Says Microsoft

Microsoft is not looking to launch a new game console anytime soon according to a senior game division executive at the company, reports Guardian UK. Microsoft Xbox senior director David Hufford made statements at the Consumer Electronics Show that the Xbox 360 has a long future and is likely not even at its midway point. He added that the console s shelf-life will be lengthened by the introduction of motion controller Natal, which Guardian says Microsoft has pegged to a holiday 2010 release. Hufford also said that there are no plans for a Blu-ray drive or other upgrade for the console, and that the existing Xbox 360 hardware can support 3D games. Guardian says that the ability of game system manufacturers Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to overcome the industry’s winner-take-all pattern and all establish viable market share for their consoles in this generation is disincentive to introduce new hardware.


Read more at Guardian UK.